Wolfdog Reacts Aggressively Towards Woman Who Attempted to Greet Him

Kim, the president of Arctic Fox Daily Wildlife Rescue, is no stranger to helping animals. The rescue provides a “forever sanctuary to captive-bred” foxes that cannot be released back into the wild. Kim’s sole experience was with foxes, but that all changed once she received a call about Dakota.
The New York Department of Environmental Conservation reached out to Kim after Dakota, a wolfdog, had been confiscated from a hoarding situation. She agreed to take Dakota in on a temporary basis. When they drove Dakota to the sanctuary, and Kim first saw the wolfdog, she was in awe. He was huge! Kim also had been told he’s aggressive. What in the world was she going to do now?!

Wolfdog Lunged At Woman When She Knelt Down To Welcome Him

So you may be thinking, what is a wolfdog, and how does a wolfdog differ from a wolf? The short answer is: “A wolfdog is a canine produced by mating a domestic dog with a wolf to produce a hybrid.” (Wikipedia)

Once Dakota was released from the truck onto Kim’s land, he had to be dragged into his new enclosure. But then, quickly, his whole demeanor changed. It was as if he understood he was finally safe. The wolfdog, who seemed angry and allusive, bonded to Kim. He showered her with kisses and hugs, and amazingly, Kim allowed it. She knew how to read animals and realized Dakota posed no threat whatsoever.

Wolfdog Lunged At Woman When She Knelt Down To Welcome Him

The handsome, loving wolfdog changed the course of Arctic Fox Daily Wildlife Rescue forever. They now house a multitude of wolfdogs that so desperately need a forever home. The wolfdogs look like they’re jumping out of your TV from an episode of Game Of Thrones. They’re incredible! Check out the video below to learn more about Dakota and the hybrid breed.


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