The cat went to the university every day to listen to lectures for 5 years, and finally he was awarded an honorary Doctor of Literature degree.

When Vermont State University’s Castleton Campus in the US recently held its 2024 commencement ceremony, the school awarded an honorary doctorate of literature to Max, a tabby cat. This move was approved not only by all faculty and staff but also by nearly everyone. I’m also happy for Max because Max has come to school almost every day for the past 5 years and is the ” source of happiness ” for everyone at school.


According to USA Today, Max first wandered in a small town near the Castleton campus and was then adopted by Ashley Dow, a resident living near the Castleton campus gate . Although he was lucky because he became a house cat, But still regularly went to Castleton school for 5 years.


Chú mèo Max Dow. Ảnh: Kaitlyn Tanner / Courtesy.

Max’s owner, Ashley revealed that she discovered Max was missing one day five years ago . Once there, she and other family members frantically searched the town and finally found Max in Castleton school. He ran to school to play, and soon the students at Castleton school also wrote to her saying how much they liked Max. “ I asked the students to help take care of Max while he was at school .”

Since that day, Max ran to school almost every day to play. In addition to standing in the hallway or wall to sunbathe, he also went to class with students , walked with students after class, and took pictures together. image. He has a gentle and friendly personality along with a high attendance rate , so he quickly became the most famous cat at Castleton school.


To thank Max for many years of studying hard and participating in classes with teachers and students at school as well as always being by the side of teachers and students whether happy or sad , the Castleton campus has decided to award presented Max with an honorary doctorate of literature award at this year’s graduation ceremony. The school said: “Max has been a valued member of our school for many years. With the enthusiastic approval of all faculty and students , we decided to award Max an honorary doctorate in literature.”

The school also revealed that once Max earns his degree, he will enjoy a school-provided catnip allowance, scratching privileges, and a free cat litter cleaning service. As soon as the news of Max receiving his diploma was spread, all teachers and students in the school were very happy.

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