The paralyzed cat and the touching story behind it

Aoife, a two-year-old cat, stole the hearts of millions after her story went viral on social networks.

Sabrina adopted the cat when it was 2 weeks old

Aoife was no ordinary cat, she was born sickly, with a distorted pelvis, severe hip dysplasia and a huge curve in her spine near her chest area. Due to a spinal deformity, the cat is paralyzed and has to wear diapers most of the day.

Taking care of it is difficult, but couple Sabrina and James decided to adopt the cat when they first met it when it was about 2 weeks old.

But now, Aoife has a new, better life with her owner family in Los Angeles, USA and 5 other cats and 2 dogs.

The cat is paralyzed and cannot go to the toilet on its own

Sabrina said that the cat Aoife is paralyzed but quite smart and intelligent. She cannot go to the toilet on her own, so she has to squeeze her bladder with her hand twice a day. Up to now, the cat still has to take a lot of supplements and eat a lot of pumpkin.

Sabrina and James spent 2 months learning how to properly care for disabled cats. Aoife’s favorite activity is eating.

“We have put in a lot of effort to ensure that we are fully equipped to take good care of this paralyzed cat. We love the little kitten and are willing to do what is necessary to get him back. come home with us,” said Sabrina.

The current image of Sabrina, large, moving gently and happily on her own

After Sabrina shared pictures of her cat Aoife’s daily life on social networks, it almost immediately received a lot of support from netizens. She set up a separate Instagram account for her cat, which currently has more than 65,000 followers, to share photos and videos with ‘fans’.

Sabrina shared: “The followers were very sympathetic and sympathetic about Aoife’s cat story, but it was not until the first video about Aoife reached 1 million views that we realized that it had truly become a a little star. The cat is quite stubborn, fierce, fearless and extremely strong, which makes for fun and inspiring videos. However, we think the cat gets a lot of attention so”.

In addition to Aoife, Sabrina and James also adopted five other cats: Pebbles, Kevin, Sofia, Ellie Mae and Peter. All cats live in harmony with each other.

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