Tiger cubs “have no mother”, Labrador dog reluctantly becomes a mother, surprising and heartwarming ending

There is a touching story about the strange maternal love between the tiger cubs and the Labrador dog . Is love built day by day, even different kinds of animals have maternal love?


In a zoo , a tigress successfully gave birth to 5 cubs but did not love her cubs like a mother . It doesn’t care, doesn’t breastfeed and always chases away when they’re wrapped around their mother

This makes the zookeepers extremely confused, if there is no milk, how will the cubs know what to do? They are forced to use artificial food to feed the tiger cubs, but this is not a long-term solution.


The next day they found another way, so they tried to see if it worked or not? They brought a Labrador mother dog, who had just given birth not long ago, with enough milk, friendly temperament.

At first, they were very worried that this herd of little tigers would be difficult to accept, but surprisingly, they were not picky eaters, rushed to find their breasts and suckled deliciously . It seems that ” whoever gives them milk, it’s all mothers ” is really sympathetic


At first , the Labrador mother dog was a bit confused, forced to be a mother for no reason, and had quite a few children. A face filled with helplessness and frustration

Day after day, however, nursing the cubs and cuddling them rekindled the inherent maternal love . Labrador gets used to breastfeeding, patiently and gently


After a while, people weaned the cubs because they were getting bigger . They are afraid that it will threaten the Labrador mother dog, because they are inherently different species

The next day they took Labrador away from the zoo but suddenly the mother dog managed to return, refused to leave, approached the children and continued to breastfeed them.


It turned out that through the days they lived, the mother dog considered the tiger cubs as her own children . Should be worried that they do not have milk to eat, not willing to “wean the baby”

It is not necessary to give birth to a new mother ! At first, the mother dog was not willing to take care of the tiger cubs, but after a period of living together, a mother’s love arose!

The story at the zoo made many people curious to see, they were surprised and touched. Well, as it turns out, animals of different species are still so full of love!

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