The old man and the dog watching the sunset together made many people cry

A viral video of a man and his dog watching the sunset together at sea has brought viewers to tears.

The clip has garnered more than millions of views, the scene represents the beauty and love of humanity – something we often forget.

An old man with gray hair and a golden retriever, sitting side by side on a bench overlooking the sea at sunset. When the busy flow of people passed, people saw the old man quietly put his arm around the dog and looked at the calm sea.


Moments of gentle peace after a long and hard day. Even passersby exclaimed “ this is the cutest thing I have ever seen in my life…

This touching video immediately went viral after one night, making many people admire: “ What a beautiful moment. The love between the owner and the dog is special ,” one person commented. Another choked: “thank you for sharing this video, it made me cry

Thank you for taking the time to shoot this video. The world needs more of this ”, another commented.


A video later, the owner of the video said that she had come into contact with a student, who believed that the old man was her former music teacher.

It is known that the student sent the video to the former teacher, he was “extremely grateful and happy”, “thanks everyone for enjoying the moment”. He added: the dog is old and has many years of going “everywhere” with the owner, the feelings of the two are very close!

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