The moving story of two blind dogs looking for a lasting happy home, the truth behind it

"TheIntroducing an adorable visually impaired dog who is looking for a forever home with his very own guide dog. Witness the incredible connection these two furry friends share and the strength of their partnership to overcome challenges. Lilli, the constant companion of Zac, a ten-year-old boy who lost his sight half a decade ago, has taken on the vital role of guiding him through everyday life. This heartwarming story shows the powerful bond between dogs and the difference they can make in the lives of others.


They say dogs are man’s best friend, but to Zac and Lilli, they were each other’s constant companion. These two pups have been inseparable since they were rescued as strays ten years ago. Even when Zac lost his sight due to an eye disease, Lilli became his guide. Unfortunately, their owner had to move abroad and was unable to take them with him. Now, they are looking for a new loving home together. During walks, Zac clings to Lilli’s side and seeks comfort by resting his head on her when he feels tired or disoriented. It’s clear they share a special bond that shouldn’t be broken. Sarah Bussell, from the Blue Cross charity in Tiverton, Devon, says Zac would be lost without Lilli. That is why they need to be relocated together. Let’s hope these furry best friends find their forever home soon.


According to the speaker, the bond between Zak and Lilli is remarkable, as they seem to have a strong, almost psychic connection. When they venture outside, Zak relies on Lilli’s scent and guidance to navigate his surroundings. Lilli is patient and supportive of Zak, even physically pushing him in the right direction when necessary. Despite their differences, Lilli treats Zak with care and attention. The two dogs live together in the shelter’s rehoming area and share a close relationship. Also, Zak likes to receive attention from humans.


Zac, a dog who has been in Blue Cross care before, was brought to the center as a puppy. Unfortunately, his previous owner had to leave him behind when she emigrated and was unable to take Zac with her. This time, Blue Cross hopes that a loving family will adopt Zac and his furry friend so they can have a peaceful life on a set schedule.


Sarah described Zac as a loving and affectionate gentleman who craves attention. Because he is blind, his other senses are heightened and he wags his little tail excitedly when someone walks into the room. Despite his blindness, Zac lives a full and happy life. Your potential owner should be careful not to rearrange things in the house to ensure that you have a clear path to move. During walks, Zac must be on a leash for safety reasons. In exchange for these considerations, Zac and his partner Lilli would become great friends who showered their adopter with love and attention.

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