The intelligent mother dog asked the charity to give her children food “the best meal of the puppies”

A touching story about a smart mother dog who, when she meets a good person, wants him to help her little ones . Fortunately, he is patient enough to understand the mother dog’s feelings and worries. So 7 puppies have the most full meal since birth


The guy in the area regularly does charity work, starting with small things like sharing food for all stray dogs and cats in the area . Because it was impossible to adopt so many cats and dogs, he had been feeding them for many months.


One morning he came across a black dog with a bulging breast that must have been recently born. Along with her friends, this mother dog wags her tail happily when he gives her food . It especially shows gratitude by getting closer, looking at him and lowering his head


However, about 3 days later, this mother dog was quite strange, just ate a little food and looked at him sadly. He was about to go home when the dog was close and his eyes implored in one direction as if asking for help

Looking at it’s appearance, its belly is full of milk, are the puppies wandering somewhere? Then, without hesitation, grabbed his brother’s car, please don’t rush to leave


He decided to follow the mother dog quite a distance, when he was still bewildered and did not understand what was going on, in the grass on the side of the road a series of small black figures came out and ran towards him.

It turned out that the mother dog wanted to ask for food for her children , did she see him as a good person and wanted him to help the little children?


It seems that the distance is too far, can’t take the children, so the mother dog has to ask him to come to her pup’s location.

What’s more interesting is that the mother dog does not breastfeed 7 puppies anymore, this is the time to separate milk for her baby, so she needs more food to give her baby enough energy.


The guy was very touched and surprised when he understood the meaning of the mother dog, he immediately gave the puppies the food he had left. They eat enthusiastically, deliciously, seemingly “the most filling meal since birth.”


The mother dog enjoys a rare moment of happiness, stroking her cubs. Don’t forget to look at the boy as his benefactor , so from now on, the mother and daughter have a support.

The maternal love of animals is not inferior to us humans, dogs are also worried about the future of their cubs. I hope that the mother and dog will soon be adopted by someone to have a proper home.

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