The emotional girl reunited with the guide dog, the familys benefactor for 6 years “thank you good friend”

In this hectic life, are you accidentally forgetting something ? For example, a good friend you haven’t seen for a long time, like the story below:

A guide dog has been with the girl’s family for 6 years. The dog took on the task of guiding the little girl’s grandmother. And it also became her family, friend, benefactor and the whole family


Qin is a Labrador retriever who was born at a guide dog school in Japan in 2010. Also this year, the three Qin siblings flew to Taiwan to be trained as guide dogs.


This is Qin as a child, so cute, isn’t he?


After 2 years of training , Qin officially became a guide dog for the blind. Qin is assigned to Ms. Zhang’s family whose grandmother is blind, the dog will guide and help her every day.


The dog has been dedicated, loyal, and has successfully completed the task for 6 years . Until the grandmother passed away, the dog had to return to the training center to receive another assignment.

However, some time later, some health problems were discovered, and Qin was no longer strong enough to safely guide the next owners . So this year the center contacted Ms. Zhang’s family again to see if they would like to adopt the dog.


Ms. Zhang’s family was very pleased and the meeting after several years of separation was very touching . Although the grandmother is no more, the dog has been with their family for 6 long years.

As a thank you good friend, benefactor, Ms. Zhang’s family takes good care of Qin, health and spirit have improved a lot


Although Qin is an adult, with a large body, he is very friendly, cheerful and ready to play with everyone.



Even parents and children in the family feel very missed the happy time with both the grandmother and the dog. Really have so many memories in all these years


Qin used to help her grandmother go for a walk, everything is much more convenient and safe . Before, when there was no dog, family members were all busy with work, it was difficult for grandma to be fully cared for.


The dog is like a reliable old age friend for her, surely the last time of her life has the happiest memories of her life.


Unfortunately, the image of her and the dog was lost for so long and at that time the family did not have many means to capture many meaningful moments.


Dogs are loyal animals that can both be friends and benefactors of humans!

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