The dog met his best friend for the last time, the unexpected move made everyone admire the friendship of the two dogs

Gap is a mixed-breed dog who lived a happy and joyful life until years of fighting kidney failure and passed away in the arms of his owner and best friend.


After Gap left, the owner buried the dog in his backyard and wrote a farewell letter “thank you for our happy time”

Gap’s best friend is Kay, a pet dog who often visits and the two play together every weekend. Very compatible, lively and extremely lively when they are together. Especially the 2 dogs are very tolerant and loving to both of their owners


In the last years of her life, Kay was there to help her friend have a really happy moment before leaving.

When deciding to bury Gap, the owner waited for Kay to be present to see his friend and a scene that followed brought everyone to tears.


Realizing that Gap had left and was lying deep in the ground , Kay lay there quietly all morning . Sometimes I put my ear to the ground to listen, smell, feel sad and pity a lot

Perhaps Kay understands that this is the real moment of separation, the dog can no longer see Gap – his best friend.


Be encouraged, comforted and advised that “in the future, the two of you will meet again and stay together longer”

After a while , Kay was still moody, stopped eating, with a sad face, as if the dog was remembering many memories with his best friend.


It was not until later that Kay regained her spirit, but still reserved a part of food and toys in a corner reserved for her friends.

I hope that Gap in heaven or Kay in the present live happily and will surely meet again in the future. An admirable friendship, not everyone has such a beautiful friendship!

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