The dog has been with the family for 12 years, an unexpected incident occurs, the dog hugs the owner: “sister, don’t cry”

A family has just suffered a separation with a dog that has been with them for 12 years . Is a dog with a “very special price” that is extremely loved by the owner

A Schnauze dog named MinMin is sold by a pet store, has a thin body, looks at the world with fear and timid eyes. When Ms. Lam came to the store, the puppy got up again, boldly scratched the glass with his front paws, looking forward to “Please take care of me, I’m very good”


The first time to integrate life between the dog and the family is quite difficult. Her husband works outside, Ms. Lam has to take care of 2 children in primary school, and the family also has 3 dogs. So life is quite busy and hard.

In particular , MinMin likes to bark at night, so his neighbors disturb him . Many times people advised her to send Min to her family to take care of, but she was afraid that she would refuse because she feared that the dog would not be treated well.


Just like that , Min has lived with Ms. Lam’s family for more than 12 years , accompanying each other through many joys and sorrows. Fortunately, all 4 puppies and her small cats live in harmony, love each other very much, and are very obedient and attached to family members.


However, in May last year, Min was walking in the park when he suddenly fainted and was immediately taken to the hospital for emergency treatment.

After more than 20 days of treatment, Min was completely paralyzed in the lower body . Ms. Lam’s family did not give up, taking Min for treatment everywhere. Even went to rehab, the miracle happened, Min got up


However, a few months after the old disease recurred , Min had a seizure, could not eat or drink anything, the doctor also tried his best but was powerless.

Ms. Lam took Min to her favorite park, wanted her to see the world a little bit and feel the good things in the end.


The dog raised its head to look around, licked the tears on the owner’s face , comforting her ” don’t cry, I’m very happy when I’m with you

She recalls the 12-year period, the joys, sorrows, and important events of the family all with the dog by her side.


In the end, the dog left in the arms of the owner , who took care of and took care of him….

It certainly took a long time for both Ms. Lam and her family to recover from this great loss!

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