Take a group photo like an ignorant child, 4 Huskys squabble internally, arguing “look at you stupidest”

The story is that a family raised 4 huskies of the same age, every year they would take a group photo as a souvenir . But every year there are problems, especially this year, they always have a game break and then a controversy.


The owner is helpless because of this situation, I don’t know if there are any good commemorative photos this year ? Thanks for everyone’s rating

When looking at the camera to focus, there will be a bad game , for example:


When you need to take a portrait, turn your butt first , it’s really speechless


When I needed to sit down to take 3/4 close-up photos, one of them fell down, “I prefer this type of photography”


Do you know who is the dumbest in this picture ? No need to argue, why can’t take a normal photo?


A lady who likes to take center stage, rushes in to keep smiling like this


When it is necessary to take pictures of each other’s faces to show solidarity, one dog wears dark glasses like “your father is a big brother, serve for me”


When told to eat, I don’t want to eat, when I need to take pictures, I pull the food out to make fun of it , I don’t understand, the owner is really helpless


Finally, after a long day of taking pictures from early morning to late at night, this year there is no group photo yet . Moreover, at night, they even barked and argued , when they were able to see the picture again. “You look so stupid “, yes , “you look like you’re retarded”

And this is the time to join another group of idiots:


Haiz the owner ran out of patience with his family, so he went to see pictures of people’s houses to satisfy their wishes.

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