Special treatment with fish skin : Healing severe burns for dogs

In January, tragedy struck Archer, an Alaskan dog, as his home went up in flames. The fire department swiftly responded to the distress call, only to find Archer engulfed in flames. Despite their efforts to rescue the elderly canine, Archer managed to escape, leaving everyone deeply worried about his fate and prospects for survival.

This specialized procedure in which veterinarians use fish skip to cure dogs that have suffered from sego burns

As Dr. Oakley was returning from California during the unfortunate incident, Archer had to endure a grueling seven-hour car journey to reach the nearest veterinarian for treatment of his severe burns. The challenging weather conditions further exacerbated the difficulty of the trip. Once Archer’s health stabilized to a more secure state, he was ready to return home and embark on the demanding journey of recovery, with Dr. Oakley providing unwavering support by his side.

Dr. Oakley described the unique measures she took to treat Archer, stating, “We began by making adaptations to my office in town to create a sterile environment where we could maintain cleanliness. Our approach involved multiple modifications.”

This specialized procedure in which veterinarians use fish skip to cure dogs that have suffered from sego burns

Realizing that Archer required more specialized assistance than she could provide, Dr. Oakley reached out to a renowned expert in veterinary medicine affiliated with the University of California, Davis. This expert suggested a cutting-edge treatment for burns that involved using tilapia fish skins to accelerate the healing process. In a remarkable turn of events, the expert personally visited Dr. Oakley and demonstrated the proper application of the therapy on the brave Archer.

In no time, Archer was adorned with fish skins, giving him a unique, scaly appearance and earning him the endearing nickname, “Archer the Dragonslayer.”

Dr. Oakley witnessed the remarkable impact of the fish skin treatment on Archer’s condition, stating, “The improvement was immediate.” The courageous dog had endured extensive wounds and burns across his body, with particularly severe injuries on his face.

This specialized procedure in which veterinarians use fish skip to cure dogs that have suffered from sego burns

Additionally, the community rallied in support of Archer. As Dr. Oakley selflessly provided care without charging, the people of Haines united to assist in covering any additional medical expenses for Archer. These expenses encompassed various procedures, laser therapy, numerous dosage adjustments, and other treatments.

Archer underwent a remarkable transformation from a frail and hairless elderly dog with raw, pink skin to a fully healed and exuberant canine, bearing only a small bald spot on his face, about the size of a quarter, as a reminder of the burns he had endured. This remarkable metamorphosis occurred gradually over time, fueled by an abundance of love and the extraordinary healing properties of fish skin.

This specialized procedure in which veterinarians use fish skip to cure dogs that have suffered from sego burns

While Dr. Oakley played a pivotal role in Archer’s rehabilitation, she humbly attributes the majority of the credit to Archer himself, acknowledging his gentle and resilient nature. Despite the challenges he faced, Archer consistently arrived for his numerous veterinary appointments with a wagging tail, displaying unwavering positivity.

Archer’s journey has had a profound impact on others in need of healing as well. Through his ordeal, Dr. Oakley has acquired valuable insights and knowledge in treating burns, enabling her to apply these experiences to help other animals who have suffered from being caught in flames. Archer’s resilience has not only transformed his own life but has also paved the way for enhanced care and support for other animals in similar circumstances.

This specialized procedure in which veterinarians use fish skip to cure dogs that have suffered from sego burns

With heartfelt conviction, Dr. Oakley remarked, “This one patient is going to help me save so many animals,” recognizing the invaluable impact Archer’s journey has had on her ability to provide care for other animal patients in need.

The months-long dedication and tireless efforts that Dr. Oakley invested in Archer’s recovery resonate as a professional milestone and one of the most fulfilling experiences she has encountered in her practice. Archer’s resilience and transformation have left an indelible mark on Dr. Oakley’s career, reinforcing her passion for helping animals and bringing her immense joy in being part of his healing journey.

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