Puppies bring a bowl to beg for food to bring back to their mother, because the mother dog is old and weak, it is no longer convenient to travel and eat.

In recent days, the Chinese social network is feverish about a clip posted in 2021, with the title: “10-year-old old dog, sometimes when it comes to eating or moving, she doesn’t want to, puppy I immediately went to beg for food to bring back to my mother.”


From the content recorded in just 36 seconds, the image of a baby giving yellow feathers grabbing a canned stainless steel bowl ran to the side of the woman eating rice. The guy constantly wagged his tail as if he wanted to beg for something, then sat down on the ground again, holding his “tools” in his front two limbs, looking like he was trying to communicate and convey a message for the owner to understand.

"Older brother

At first, people thought that he was hungry, so he went to beg for food, some people even laughed thinking that this puppy is smart, “want to eat and roll into the kitchen”. Perhaps the woman understood the boy’s thoughts, so she let more than half of the meal pour into the bowl for the boy. The friend’s face was happy, he quickly grabbed the “fruits” and ran back to the barn.

Người phụ nữ vui vẻ nhường phân nửa bữa ăn cho boss.

When witnessing the series of images at the end of the video, most of the online community were surprised and could not hold back their tears. As it turned out, the bowl of rice was not for the puppy to eat, but for the mother dog to eat. Looking at the way the boy sat to the side watching, his affectionate eyes seemed to encourage: “Try to eat more, mom!”

Cậu bạn vui vẻ mang bát chạy về chuồng

It is known that the big boss is 10 years old this year, for dogs, this number represents old age. Perhaps age is advanced, so the stomach gradually aging makes “old mother” not sad to eat and no longer active. Is it possible that the golden dog understood, so he took the bowl and asked for rice? After the story was posted on Douyin, it created a wave of public opinion.

The clip attracted a huge amount of interaction with more than 2 million likes and tens of thousands of comments and shares. Netizens were extremely touched by the puppy’s heart. They think that the little guy is too cute and understanding.

Hóa ra nó mang cơm về cho mẹ. 

Turns out it brought home rice for her mother.

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