Pit Bulls Get A Chance To Shine After Being Rescued From Shelters

Pit bulls are still subjected to prejudice and breed discrimination in the United States. However, a few groups in Texas are striving to break down these obstacles through a unique program in which rescued Pit Bulls are trained to become important K9 cops.

In order to meet rising budgetary demands, several police departments are turning to non-profit groups such as the Animal Farm Foundation for their K9 companions, who happen to be former shelter dogs.

Pit Bulls Becoming K9s After Being Saved From Shelters And Given A Chance To Shine – Top News

Whereas traditionally bred and trained police dogs can cost up to $10,000 for police departments to obtain, these rescued dogs are offered free of charge owing to the groups involved’s sponsorships and time and money donations.

Pit Bulls Becoming K9s After Being Saved From Shelters And Given A Chance To Shine – Top News

Animal Farm Foundation partners with local groups like Austin Pets Alive! to discover and sponsor shelter dogs that Universal K9 can train to become police dogs. Pit Bulls are among the rescued and properly trained dogs. Although Pit Bulls are frequently classified as dangerous and aggressive, when given the opportunity, Pit Bulls make outstanding K9s.

Pit Bulls Becoming K9s After Being Saved From Shelters And Given A Chance To Shine – Top News

“Any dog with the motivation, confidence, and desire to work can do it!” “A dog’s ability to work is not determined by its breed,” says Universal K9 creator Brad Croft. Croft has long pushed for Pit Bulls and devised the notion of rescuing and training them for police work. Croft says he searches for curious, confident, and ready to please dogs. They must also have the instincts required for detecting work.

Austin’s Pets Are Alive! and local shelters look for high-drive dogs that would be good candidates for Brad’s Universal K9 training program.

Once at Croft’s training center, the rescued Pit Bulls are trained to detect narcotics, explosives, arson, missing persons, and other police jobs.

Croft agrees that it can be difficult to put Pit Bull type dogs with police departments, but he has identified some open-minded police departments where he was able to place the dogs.

Although prejudice remains, the Animal Farm Foundation’s sponsorships and financial assistance are assisting in opening more doors in police departments around the country.

Croft estimates that since the program’s inception, they’ve put roughly ten “Pit Bull” dogs with law enforcement departments. K9 Libby, who works in Montgomery County, Texas, is one of them. She is known as “The World’s Raddest Police Dog.”

Kiah, a Pit Bull rescued from the Kirby Animal Shelter in Texas, became the Rookie K9 Sniffer Dog for the Poughkeepsie Police Department. Kiah has performed so successfully in her responsibilities that she has been awarded the ASPCA Public Service Award. K9 Kiah, the state of New York’s first “pit bull” police dog, is paving the way for other police departments and “pit bull” dogs around the country.

This is an amazing program that not only helps shelter dogs but also breaks down preconceptions and biases regarding the Pit Bull breed. These rescued dogs are making a significant difference in their communities by giving back to them.

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