Mother dog took her baby to meet the benefactor, looking forward to “can you help me one more time?”

Dogs are very affectionate, especially mother dogs, their affection for their children is even stronger .

A story about a mother dog recently really touched many people because she wanted her children to have a better life, but the mother dog tried everything to meet her helper again.


The girl on her way to work often encounters a very friendly black stray dog. But because she has a lot of cats at home, she is not eligible to adopt more dogs. To help this dog, she regularly gives him good food, cares and encourages him.

Just like that for more than a month, the dog was very fond and happy when he saw the girl passing by . However, the strange thing is that its belly is getting bigger, the nipples are also stretching, it turns out that the dog is pregnant and about to become a mother.


After a while, she walked in this area and did not see the dog again. I don’t know how it is now, has it given birth, has enough food?

A month later, she suddenly encountered a familiar figure running after her car, holding something in her mouth.


When I look closely, the mother dog is holding the baby in her mouth, where is the puppy holding the baby? She is very worried


When she was feeling confused, the mother dog ran up to her and wagged her tail, excited. The eyes look at the small corner with a few milk puppies , so it turns out that they have so many babies

Then the mother dog watched her with expectant eyes, no matter how slow she was, she could feel its thoughts “save my children, I don’t have enough food for them”


Really looking at its longing eyes and cubs, the girl couldn’t bear to bring it all home


However, she is also very worried because she has to take care of 8 puppies at the same time, not sure if everything is okay?

Immediately neighbors and the girl’s mother helped take care of the slightly larger puppies . Now they are looking for a good person to adopt the puppies and give them a fuller home


When the story is shared, everyone is touched by how long the mother’s love is and the intelligence of the mother dog. Hope that the unfortunate lives still wandering out there will soon be helped by everyone. I hope the puppies will soon be adopted by a good person so that the mother dog will have some peace of mind

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