Check out the adorable video: A warm friendship between a dog and a little boy

Whitney Parks, a 37-year-old resident of Boston, shared that she welcomed Hinckley, a one-year-old Golden Retriever, into their home as a special companion for her baby Theodore, expected to arrive in October 2020.

AdоrabIe Vidео Captures A Dog's Heartwarming Friendship With A Human Baby Brother

Upon Theodore’s arrival, Hinckley quickly became his unwavering companion, engaging in activities such as napping, snuggling, and even sharing meals together. Whitney, a communications professional, observed Hinckley’s strong desire to be involved in every aspect of Theodore’s life, showcasing the deep bond between dogs and humans. Whitney shared, “When we first brought Teddy home, Hinckley thought we had brought him a new toy exclusively for him. It’s understandable, as he had been the center of our attention for a year. She would watch over Teddy from our bed while he slept in his cradle, marveling at his every movement.”

AdоrabIe Vidео Captures A Dog's Heartwarming Friendship With A Human Baby Brother

Despite realizing that the “toy” was not exclusively for him, Hinckley’s infatuation with Teddy only grew stronger with each passing day. Hinckley insisted on being a part of every moment in Teddy’s life. Whether it’s during tummy time or snuggling on the couch or floor, Teddy and Hinckley share heartwarming moments together. Whitney shared, “Hinckley joins us for every feeding. Teddy is usually on my left, and Hinckley is on my right. It’s a beautiful time for the three of us to bond and embrace. Sometimes, when I’m not paying attention, Hinckley will sneakily take Teddy’s burp towel, and I can’t help but chuckle.”

AdоrabIe Vidео Captures A Dog's Heartwarming Friendship With A Human Baby Brother

Whitney finds great joy in knowing that Theodore will have a four-legged older brother to watch over and protect him as he grows. Observing their interactions, Whitney expressed, “My heart melts when I see them together; it’s clear that Hinckley has embraced the role of a protective big brother, ensuring the safety and well-being of his younger sibling.” Whitney cannot get enough of their bond and eagerly looks forward to the day when Teddy and Hinckley can engage in more interactive play and embark on countless adventures together. While Hinckley may still be unsure of what exactly Teddy is, he recognizes his uniqueness and remains vigilant in keeping a watchful eye over him.

AdоrabIe Vidео Captures A Dog's Heartwarming Friendship With A Human Baby Brother

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