Bichon dog was diagnosed as “overweight”, hugged the owner and cried, “”Beautiful figure, there’s no such thing as too much””

Many poodles look chubby, but they’re actually just chubby because of their fur. However, the story of a Bichon named Momo is different.


Not long ago, the owner shared a video of Momo online, causing netizens to roll their eyes because it was so cute.

Momo rushed into her owner’s arms with a pitiful expression, a painful, cute face.


The story is that that day, the owner took Momo for a check-up, the doctor said, ” Momo is a bit fat, a bit overweight, so she needs to lose weight.”


Momo froze and seemed to understand what the doctor said, and when she got home, she broke down and was sad forever. “Why did that uncle say I’m fat, huhu” , the owner took a long time, coaxing all kinds of ways to reassure the dog.

Momo still huffed: “Huh, next time I see my uncle, I will put fat in his eyes “. If you put fat on your eyes, you’ll lose again, Momo haha


Momo’s distressed appearance made a large number of netizens understand: “Oh, I’m also sad when I’m called fat” . And some people are also quite opportunistic, quickly begging “dog, hurry back to my team, I don’t blame you for being fat”


Although white fat is really cute, but health is still the most important, Momo should lose weight with a scientific diet and exercise

Wish Momo successful weight loss so that the doctor can see his eyes haha

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