A couple of dogs in love live in the “desolate island”, daily seafood buffet, living a peaceful life that many people dream of

The story is that there are two dogs living on a deserted island , there are no people or animals living here. I don’t understand why there are 2 dogs living there, 1 male and 1 female entwined together


People used drones to observe , seeing the two happily running and jumping in the trees , playing tired, lying on the ground in the sun, looking extremely happy.



But how come there are pairs of dogs on this isolated island? People said they discovered this pair of dogs while fishing. Maybe two dogs were brought here last winter by boat . They called the rescue team to help the couple.


However, how did these two dogs survive until now?


After observing by drone, people discovered on the island that there are many small ponds with many fish and small animals washed ashore. It can be said that this couple eats buffet all year without worry, eat seafood, sleep, enjoy a peaceful life.


At this time, the volunteer team feels awkward, if they rescue them, will these two little guys really accept? Do the 2 dogs really want to go back to life on land?


However, when considering the water source, it is found that the water quality is very poor, most of the surrounding environment is polluted.


At this time, the rescue team set up a food cage to lure the 2 dogs inside. When the female dog was locked inside, the male dog instinctively ran away . But in the end he returned to find his wife, volunteering to enter the cage. It’s a “good man” indeed.


The team brought the dog to the pet hospital for a health check

The doctor said they are all healthy except for some skin problems


This dog couple is very docile, they are more than 1 year old . He was shy at first but then he became friendly and wagged his tail to everyone


Next, people look for reputable, pet-loving families to adopt this couple


Until now , people are still arguing about whether to let this couple live on the island or bring them back to the mainland?

Anyway, where dogs have a better life is still the right choice, right?

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