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The transparent two-clawed crustacean
Also known as Phronima, the day crustacean was found during an expedition in the North Atlantic Ocean. While other animals are endowed with the ability to flee from predators, this shrimp-like crustacean is endowed with the ability to “stealth” underwater.

Transparent animals make you curious

Ice fish hiding
It is not surprising that most transparent animals are found in the ocean. This fish also reaches extremely high levels in the field of camouflage when their blood is also transparent (because of the lack of hemoglobin). For normal metabolism, they will directly absorb oxygen through the skin.

Transparent animals make you curious

Glass frog

The name reflects the characteristics of this familiar creature, they possess a slightly green but completely transparent skin, we can see its digestive system including its heart and liver.

Transparent animals make you curious

Commonly found in the oceans of the Southern Hemisphere, the transparent squid (or Transparent Squid) is also known as the Glass Squid. It has the ability to curl up like a ball like a hedgehog to escape predators in the deep sea.a

Transparent animals make you curious

Transparent shrimp
Very small and cute, this larval shrimp has a transparent body, found in the waters around the island of Hawaii, USA.

Transparent animals make you curious

At first glance we can easily mistake them for jellyfish, but it is not. As a small branch of plankton, Phytoplankton is almost transparent, with a length of 1-10cm, their food is algae, so Phytoplankton often lives near the water surface, coral reefs.

Transparent animals make you curious


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