You feel both apprehensive and intrigued by the mysterious critters on the ocean floor.

Jellyfish red like blood

Labor newspaper quoted Live Science as saying that researchers from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) discovered a new species of jellyfish along with a number of other previously unknown creatures during the expedition. North Atlantic expedition in 2021. The expedition lasted from June 30 to July 29.

The newly identified jellyfish belongs to the genus Poralia – which includes jellyfish with a bell-shaped head, up to 30 tentacles and is one of the most fragile creatures.

Glass Octopus

Also in August, researchers from the Schmidt Ocean Institute (SOI) released footage of a glass octopus (Vitreledonella richardi) off the remote Phoenix Islands, 5,100 kilometers from the Australian city of Sydney. northeast.

Like other glass creatures, such as the glass frog and comb jellyfish, the glass octopus is almost completely transparent, with only the eyes, optic nerve, and digestive tract visible.

Những sinh vật bí ẩn dưới đáy đại dương khiến bạn vừa thích thú vừa sợ hết hồn - Ảnh 1.

Viperfish – Scary fish with transparent eyes

Viperfish are fish found at depths of about 4,500 meters. This creature scares many people with its large transparent eyes, long sharp teeth and fierce face… They are considered to be one of the scariest creatures on the ocean floor.

Lạnh gáy trước những “quái vật biển” tồn tại ở độ sâu hàng ngàn mét

The viper fish has a flashing glowing belly that attracts the curiosity of its prey. They are considered ferocious predators with long, sharp teeth and a terrifyingly large mouth.

“faceless” fish

The faceless fish belongs to the mouray eel family (cusk-eel), with the scientific name Typhlonus nasus. They were found by Australian researchers during excavations off the east coast of the country in May 2017.

Sinh vật "vô diện" mới được tìm thấy tại vùng biển sâu thẳm nhất trong lịch  sử nước Úc thực chất là gì?

What makes many people surprised is that this fish has a strange shape, no face despite having a nose and mouth. Therefore, many people call them faceless fish or faceless fish.

Sinh vật "vô diện" mới được tìm thấy tại vùng biển sâu thẳm nhất trong lịch  sử nước Úc thực chất là gì?

The strange thing is that even their eyes and mouth are so deep below, it is difficult to notice. Faceless fish usually live at depths of more than 4,000 meters on the sea floor.

Monster “sea cucumber”

Sea cucumbers are mysterious creatures, discovered in 2007. They have magical opaque skin, so that internal organs are clearly visible on the outside.

Clip: 'Quái vật' dưa chuột biển khiến ai nhìn cũng chết khiếp

You can observe the entire digestive process as well as the internal movements of the sea cucumber species because of their unusual appearance and structure.

This creature lives at a depth of 2,500 meters in the Celebes Sea, located between the Philippines and Indonesia. Some types of sea cucumber, or sea cucumber, even contain deadly venom.

Alien ink

NOAA scientists in November discovered a rare large-fin squid (genus Mangapinna) during a deep-sea expedition in the Gulf of Mexico.

Phát hiện 'mực ngoài hành tinh' dưới lòng biển sâu - Khoa học

The ghost squid has a very strange body with huge, iridescent fins and tentacles that bend like elbows.

Video hiếm có về loài mực tay dài bí ẩn ngoài khơi Australia

To date, there have been less than 20 confirmed sightings of the squid since it was first discovered in 1998.


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