Witness the Summer Bears: Napping Amidst Flower Beds

Snoozing in flower beds? Behold the bears of summer

Snoozing in flower beds? Behold the bears of summer

The more Gregus studied the bears, the more he learned of their personalities. There was the persistent cub he named Hercules. He lost a leg yet managed to survive his first two summers. An enormous female, Wanda, seemed to be feared by other bears but spent her days doing yoga-like stretches in the fireweed. Another female, Wilma, appeared to be so comfortable with Gregus that she’d nurse her cubs, Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm, close enough for him to hear their purring. Gregus also witnessed behaviors he’d rarely seen before, such as bears grazing on plants and hunting tern chicks by chasing them into the surf. For now, actions like those may be helping this polar bear population cope with the effects
These photos of polar bears playing in a flowery field will melt your heart  | Polar bear, Bear, Polar
Interview: Playful Photos of Polar Bears Frolicking in Flower Fields During  Summer | Polar bear, Pictures of polar bears, Polar
Snoozing in flower beds? Behold the bears of summer
Polar Bears on Summer Break: Rare Photos of Iconic Predators Relaxing in  Flower Fields
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