Wild sand cats are back after a ten-year absence.

(Vietkings) A super rare cat that seems to be no longer in the wild was discovered in late 2015 and early 2016, but the story of the meeting between the above animal and scientists has only been published recently


This cute cat has the full name of the Arabian Cat Cat. They are famous for their excellent hiding ability because with just a blink of an eye, the sand cat that was standing in front of them just now has disappeared. Moreover, this is a nocturnal animal, so the ability to see an individual is even more difficult. Their fur and legs not only help them avoid the harsh desert heat, but they also help erase almost any natural traces associated with sand cats. Although widely distributed in the deserts of North Africa, Arabia and Central Asia, information about this cat is very limited.

The Arabian sand cat is listed as endangered by the World Red Book and is considered critically endangered in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The cause of the decline of this cat species is due to the destruction of their habitat and the reduction of the sand cat’s food source. The vast majority of sand cats currently live in captivity in UAE zoos.

The last time the cat was seen in the wild was about a decade ago. However, at the end of last year and the beginning of this year, a group of scientists from the environmental agency of Abu Dhabi city, the capital of the UAE was fortunate to capture quite a few pictures of sand cats living in the environment. Wildlife Field at Baynouna, a protected area of Abu Dhabi. About 46 photos of 3 different sand cats were taken with camera traps after many months of patient waiting.


Most of the encounters take place late at night when the Moon is brightest and the weather is most pleasant, which shows that the preferred sand cat temperature is between 11 and 28 degrees Celsius. In addition to the photos. Photographs of sand cats, other animals such as desert beetles, glossy lizards and geckos also appear to show that the food source here for sand cats is quite abundant.


The scientists say this is an extremely important finding and it will help plan conservation strategies for this endangered cat species in the future.

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