When she finds a woman to assist her, the life of the kitten with the irresistible eyes is changed.

A kitten had her life turned around and found courage when she was rescued from a rough start to life.

fluffy tuxedo kitten

Sprout the tuxedo kittenAmber @kitty_fostering_oz

A 5-week-old tuxedo found herself in a shelter, all alone without a mother or siblings. She was malnourished, very skinny and in desperate need of critical care.

Amber, an experienced fosterer based in Melbourne, was contacted about the kitten and didn’t hesitate to take her in. “She was losing weight daily and retreating more and more into herself,” Amber told Love Meow. “There was nothing but skin and bones under all that fluff. She was pretty dehydrated and not wanting to eat.”

The kitten was very frail and a bit timid upon arrival, but once she started receiving care, she warmed up to her foster mom and began to perk up.

Amber @kitty_fostering_oz

“I had to give her a little nudge a couple of times throughout the night, to check if she was still with us. Thankfully with supportive care, she realized this was a pretty good place to be and started eating.”

The sweet tuxedo was lovingly named Sprout. She was very tiny but had a pair of large wondrous eyes that can swoon hearts. When she was strong enough to waddle out of her nest, she immediately put her litter tray to good use, and started grooming herself like a big kitty.

kitten with big eyes

She has a pair of large wondrous eyesAmber @kitty_fostering_oz

“She was doing all the things that she wasn’t able to do when she was at the pound,” Amber shared with Love Meow.

Over the next few days, the kitten put on weight and gained plenty of energy. As soon as she realized it was delightful to be petted and doted on, she would seek attention and cuddles whenever she had a chance. Her personality quickly emerged and she became an adventurous, mischievous little tuxedo.

peekaboo kitten

Amber @kitty_fostering_oz

Sprout is now happily eating on her own from a dish. She has explored every nook and cranny in her room and befriended a few other foster kittens along the way.

“She is a cheeky little girl and loves to sneak attack the other kittens, and run around with her tail straight up in the air.”

Sprout the sassy kitty loves to play with other kittensAmber @kitty_fostering_oz

“At night, it’s all about the cuddles, and she will climb up onto the bed, snuggle up under the blanket and purr all night long,” Amber told Love Meow.

Watch Sprout the kitten in this cute video:

Sprout the kittenwww.youtube.com

Since the moment Sprout mustered the courage to step out of her shell, she has blossomed into a sassy, playful, affectionate kitten.

playful tuxedo kitten

She has turned into a playful and confident tuxedo catAmber @kitty_fostering_oz

She likes to pick up a small toy and carry it in her mouth while she parades around the room with her new-found confidence.

When she first arrived, Sprout spoke quietly with a silent meow. Now that she’s healthy and brave, she has discovered her big voice and will announce herself every time she sees her humans.

So much fluffAmber @kitty_fostering_oz

She walks around the house with her head held high, and runs after other kittens and keeps them on their toes.

Sprout has come a long way since she was rescued as an orphan. This fluffy tuxedo with big, bright eyes and amazing whiskers is living everyday to the fullest.

Amber @kitty_fostering_oz

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