When a kitten with a “Blink” is especially cute

Meet Yara the one-eyed wonder cat!Yara has a permanent “wink” as she was born with only one eye. She was found in a box of Christmas ornaments and lights and brought into the veterinarian’s office when she was just 4-6 weeks old.
They knew that the little girl needed a home and someone to love. Matty’s sister, Kayleen, who works at the clinic, asked him if he would bring home a little kitten.

“I couldn’t resist,” Matty told Love Meow.


As soon as Yara arrived at her new home, she claimed the place as her own.

Her cuddly friend was adopted, too! It was a two for one deal!

“She’s full of energy and always playful,” Matty told Love Meow.


The little one-eyed wonder is tiny, but she has a larger-than-life purrsonality!

One of her favorite things is to snuggle with her human dad in his hoodie and to be carried around.

Yara loves her cat dad and follows him everywhere he goes.

Kitten with a "Wink" discovered in a box of Christmas ornaments and rescued by a man - her new father - amazingmindscape.com


Cutest little supurrvisor!


The sweet kitty who was found among Christmas ornaments, now has a loving home for the holidays and a shoulder to lean on forever!


“I’m on top of the world!”

Snuggling with cat dad.

Hanging out with her protective brother Sonic!


Happy and loved!

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