What do Royal Bengal Tigers look like?

Royal Bengal Tiger’s physical characteristics

Royal Bengal Tiger

    • Life Span- They live for 10 to 15 years.
    • Average Body Weight- Male Bengal Tigers weigh around 225 kg whereas Females Bengal Tigers weigh around 135 kg.
    • Height- On average Male Bengal Tiger measures around 9 feet in length and a Female Bengal Tiger measures around 8 feet in length.
    • Teeth- They have exceptionally strong teeth, with lengths from 7.5 to 10 cm.
    • Tail- Their tail length is between 33 to 43 inches long.

Royal Bengal Tiger | How they look like? What they Eat? & Unique Facts

What do Bengal Tigers eat?

So what is Bengal Tiger’s diet? As we all know the basic nature of tigers is Carnivores, They mainly survive on mammals and animals like Deer, Antelope, Wild Boar, Guars, etc.

Bengal Tiger Behavior

Tigers can eat up to 40 kg of meat in one go. They have expertise in hunting and They are born killers. They apply a strategy to catch the prey and take the life out of them instantly.

Royal Bengal Tiger - Facts, Habitat and Information in Nepal

Tigers mostly hunt during nighttime. They are very dedicated to their prey; Royal Bengal Tigers can climb trees for their prey even though they are not good climbers of the tree. They are very powerful and can drag a ton of weighted bison by themselves.

The behavior of the Royal Bengal Tiger

Bengal Tiger - Tiger Facts and Information

Being fierce in nature, Royal Bengal Tigers are not much friendly in nature and live a solitary life, except in winter when they can be seen in a group of 3 or 4.

Bengal tigers are fast runners and good swimmers.

Tigers attack their prey in stealth mode.

Royal Bengal Tiger: The National Animal of Bangladesh

They are usually spotted in swamps, mangroves, and grasslands.

Generally, they do not wait for a particular season for mating but during winter mating rate is high.

Royal Bengal Tiger delivers a litter of 4-5 cubs and their gestation period is of 3 months.

Royal Bengal Tigers have very sharp memories, they never forget the faces. Their memory is sharper than humans and other animals. These tigers never roar, while fighting with other tigers they hiss and fluff.

Royal Bengal Tiger | How they look like? What they Eat? & Unique Facts

Bengal Tiger Aggression – img credits: Kushal Guttedar


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