Using grooming, massage, and cuddles, a barn kitten shows his affection for pigs in Cute Feline Friend.

The soothing purr of cats can bring comfort to humans and animals alike, but there is one exceptional barn cat that goes the extra mile for his beloved friends. He generously offers free grooming and massage services to his loved ones.



Ernest has a special place in his heart for all animals, but he sure loves those four pigs that live on the farm. You’ll see him lounging on his cushions with them in countless photos and videos. He spends a lot of time with them, making sure they are well cared for, grooming them, and giving them massages.


Ernest enjoys cleaning his pig friends’ ears and they don’t seem to have any objection. Recently, a video was shared in which Ernest gives one of the pigs named Clementine a relaxing massage while nibbling on her ears and giving her a few soft kisses. Clementine expressed her delight in the caption, revealing that she couldn’t believe it was real and that she was grateful for their friendship. Despite having several pig friends, Ernest treats everyone with the same love and care.


Maintaining a farm can be an arduous task, but the joy of watching animal interactions makes it worth it. Amy expressed that her farm experiences numerous moments that evoke feelings of adoration or amusement, but in any case, she always has a big smile on her face. Ernest’s inquisitive nature led him to interact with other farm animals by attempting to massage and ride them. However, not all the creatures were as patient and tolerant as the pigs. As of now, he is still trying to win over Pickles, a miniature donkey.


Currently, Ernest is busy instructing the rest of the cats in the barn on how to communicate with the animals that reside on the farm. Furthermore, he has taken on the role of being the official greeter of the farm. Ernest strongly believes that humans can learn a lot from him and Sassy. When Sassy and Ernest first met, they formed a deep connection filled with unconditional love, as Amy mentions in her post.

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