Unveiling the Enigmatic Pink Grasshopper: Nature’s Colorful Marvel

This animal was first discovered in the center of Salford city (UK). The body is covered in pink due to a rare genetic mutation that occurs in animals.

Loài châu chấu màu hồng độc đáo có tài ngụy trang siêu đẳng

According to research, the discoloration phenomenon that occurs in grasshoppers is due to a genetic mutation, called erythrism or erythema.

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It causes the insect’s body to produce more red pigment, and less dark pigment. This type of unusual mutation is mainly caused by a recessive gene, which is common in albino animals.

Source: Richard Taylor.

Although it possesses a unique color, this is also the reason why it becomes a target for other predators, because it stands out among the green forest. Therefore, pink grasshoppers often hide under red, orange or similarly colored foliage to avoid the eyes of predators.

Source: Richard Taylor.

In fact, the rate of encountering pink grasshoppers is very low, only about 1%. Not too many people in the world can witness this insect in real life.


Besides the difference in body color, they seem to have similar living habits to common grasshoppers.

Loài châu chấu màu hồng độc đáo có tài ngụy trang siêu đẳng


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