Unleashing Unprecedented Power and Performance in the Automotive World: The $2.72 Million Beast of the Street.

The production version of the Mercedes-AMG One was finally released almost five years after the concept was introduced. The car’s design stays true to the 2017 concept, and remains a “Beast” equipped with a Formula One-derived mid-mount hybrid engine that boasts a whopping 1,049 horsepower.

The front of the car has a bunker layout, active air vents on the front fender, the door opens with the active rear wing. The rear end has been redesigned with a more prominent outline above the LED taillights and some differences to the large diffuser, which contains three F1-inspired tailpipes. Other changes include a removable carbon fiber engine cover and a larger rearview mirror.

The street “super product” Mercedes-AMG One costs $2.72 million. Photo: Mercedes


Rims with new 10-spoke die-cast aluminum wheels, with aerodynamic carbon fiber shells. Optional 9-spoke magnesium wheels with bionic design. It features hydraulically controlled aerodynamics with 3 mode settings. Includes utility “Highway” with sealed vents, extended front skirts and retractable rear spoiler. The “Track” offers up to five times more downforce thanks to front wings, opening vents, extended rear wing and lowered suspension by 37mm at the front and 30mm at the rear. “Race DRS” mode reduces downforce by 20%, allowing for better acceleration to overtake opponents, a feature that automatically shuts off when the driver brakes hard.


Power for the Mercedes-AMG One comes from an E Performance brand automatic hybrid with a combined output of 1,049 horsepower from an internal combustion engine with four electric motors. 1.6 V6 centrally mounted internal combustion engine with electric turbocharger, limited to 11,000 rpm, derived from Mercedes F1. This gasoline engine only produces 565 horsepower.


With the electric motor, one crankshaft-mounted makes 161 hp, one built into the turbocharger makes 121 hp, and two front-axle-mounted electric motors make 321 hp. The V6 hybrid’s response is significantly quicker than the naturally aspirated V8, with the electric turbo allowing higher torque at low revs, AMG explains.


The rear axle of the Mercedes-AMG One is a hybrid with a 7-speed gearbox and a self-locking differential, while the front axle provides power exclusively from two electric motors. The AMG Performance 4Matic+ all-wheel drive system and torque on the front axle provide the best possible traction. In addition, the front electric motor allows 80% of the kinetic energy to be recovered during deceleration, helping to charge the lightweight, high-performance lithium-ion battery with a direct cooling system. The battery has a capacity of 8.4 kWh for a range of 18.1 km and can be charged with a 3.7 kW charger.


The Mercedes-AMG One “Beast” has 6 driving modes, including Race Safe (prioritizes the electric motor), Race (continuous internal combustion engine), EV (zero emission fully electric mode), Race Plus (hybrid, active aerodynamics , lowered chassis), Strat 2 (full power, most powerful chassis setup, track tune), and Individual (custom setup).

The Race Start function allows the car to accelerate from 0 to 200 km/h in just 7 seconds and reach a top speed of 352 km/h. The vehicle meets Euro 6 emission standards.

The Mercedes-AMG One is based on a carbon fiber monocoque chassis with aluminum front and rear subframes. While the engine and transmission perform load functions. The coil suspension has 5 links and two adjustable struts on each axle with Comfort, Sport and Sport+ options.


F1 style steering wheel. Photo: Mercedes

Unique interior with two racing-style seats, F1-style steering wheel with gear shift indicator and integrated electrically adjustable buttons. Vehicles equipped with two USB ports, two independent 10-inch screens (one for the dash and one for entertainment). Air vents and real-time digital display of MirrorCam’s rear view mirror. The interior materials are mainly carbon fiber and Nappa leather, also decorated with metallic details.


The Mercedes-AMG One costs $2.72 million and is limited to 275 units. The “Beast” is on a par with the Aston Martin Valkyrie and Gordon Murray T.50, both powered by racing-focused V12 engines.

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