Travis Kelce lost 1/5 of his assets, including love money, since he met Taylor Swift

Football player Travis Kelce is currently experiencing his “dream days” with his love affair with singer Taylor Swift. Recently, the couple spent a private vacation in the Bahamas, right after Taylor finished her Eras Tour in Singapore.

Before that, Kelce also went to the Southeast Asian country to accompany his girlfriend. A source from The New York Post said the 34-year-old player may have spent up to 570 thousand USD on this trip.

Bạn trai cầu thủ mất 204 tỷ tiền tình phí kể từ khi quen Taylor Swift, bằng luôn 1/5 số tài sản đang sở hữu - Ảnh 1.

Travis Kelce was rumored to be dating Taylor Swift last year

Also according to this news site, since officially meeting each other around September last year, Kelce has spent about 8.23 million USD (204 billion) in dating fees, which is about 204 billion VND. Forbes estimates Kelce’s assets at about $40 million. This means that the Super Bowl champion may have lost 1/5 of his assets after only about half a year of dating billionaire singer Taylor Swift.

CNBC said Kelce has earned about 11 million USD in salary in 2023. Thus, the player playing for the Kansas City team has spent most of this money on love.

Below are Kelce’s expenses for dating, according to the New York Post.

Real estate: 6 million USD

After dating Taylor Swift, Kelce reportedly felt that the apartment he bought for $995,000 in 2019 was no longer suitable.

Therefore, this rugby star decided to spend 6 million USD to buy an apartment on a campus of more than 1,500 square meters in Leawood. It is known that Leawood is one of the towns with the highest standard of living in America. Here, residents will enjoy extremely high privacy and security. This is very suitable for Kelce’s date with Taylor.

Bạn trai cầu thủ mất 204 tỷ tiền tình phí kể từ khi quen Taylor Swift, bằng luôn 1/5 số tài sản đang sở hữu - Ảnh 2.

Travis Kelce’s newly purchased apartment costs $6 million

Going to see my girlfriend perform: 1.2 million USD

American media estimated that Kelce spent up to 1.2 million USD on flights around the world to see his girlfriend tour.

In November 2023, Page Six said Kelce boarded a private plane from Switzerland to Argentina to watch his girlfriend perform. After that, he immediately flew back in time for practice the following Monday. Michael Giordano, an aviation expert at Cirrus Aviation Services, said such flights would cost about $300,000.

Last February, Kelce quickly flew from the US to Australia to continue to support his girlfriend. This flight is estimated to cost about 340 thousand USD.

Most recently, earlier this month, Kelce immediately flew to Singapore to meet Taylor after attending his brother’s farewell ceremony. Giordano estimates that this flight could cost Kelce about $570,000.

Bạn trai cầu thủ mất 204 tỷ tiền tình phí kể từ khi quen Taylor Swift, bằng luôn 1/5 số tài sản đang sở hữu - Ảnh 3.

Kelce can spend millions of dollars just to see his girlfriend on tour

Gift: At least 22 thousand USD

Since dating, Kelce has not forgotten to give gifts to his girlfriend. Wishing for lasting love, the 34-year-old athlete splurged to buy an “eternal” bouquet of roses worth more than 2 thousand USD. Next, this player spent more than 3 thousand USD to buy a bouquet of gold-plated flowers for his girlfriend.

Bạn trai cầu thủ mất 204 tỷ tiền tình phí kể từ khi quen Taylor Swift, bằng luôn 1/5 số tài sản đang sở hữu - Ảnh 4.

The “eternal” bouquet of roses costs $2,000 that Kelce is said to have bought for Taylor

Kelce’s gift list is long, including a Dior hat worth more than 1,000 USD, a Bottega Veneta bag worth more than 5,000 USD, a Hermes scarf worth 1.3 thousand USD, another Celine hat costs more than 1.1 thousand USD.

People reported that Kelce also bought a double diamond bracelet engraved with the words “TNT” (meaning Travis and Taylor). This gift cost Kelce an additional 6.3 thousand USD.

Bạn trai cầu thủ mất 204 tỷ tiền tình phí kể từ khi quen Taylor Swift, bằng luôn 1/5 số tài sản đang sở hữu - Ảnh 5.

Kelce and Taylor diamond bracelet

However, the media said that Kelce’s gift money for his girlfriend could be much higher because many items have not been counted.

Money to go to the Super Bowl

At the Super Bowl in February, Kelce played big by inviting Taylor and four of her other relatives, friends… to watch the match. New York Post estimates that this guy had to spend $1 million on this.

In a podcast, Kelce also admitted to spending big on guests during the Super Bowl. Anyway, Kelce probably doesn’t regret this money because his Kansas City won in the end.

Bạn trai cầu thủ mất 204 tỷ tiền tình phí kể từ khi quen Taylor Swift, bằng luôn 1/5 số tài sản đang sở hữu - Ảnh 6.

Kelce celebrates with Taylor after winning the Super Bowl

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce reportedly started dating in August or September last year. The couple is not shy and often openly shows their affection. Despite her busy schedule, Taylor still regularly appears at her boyfriend’s matches.

During the Super Bowl last month, she burst into tears when her boyfriend’s Kansas City won 25-22 in the end. It is even rumored that Travis is preparing to propose to Taylor. Up to this point, both sides have not yet given any feedback about returning to the same house.

Source: New York Post


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