This Mercedes-Benz Limo Dragster with turbojet power is an extreme fever fantasy.


Retro tuner Mercedes vehicles have always possessed a certain appeal, whether it was the understated elegance of the Lorinsers or the bold, extravagant features of a Koenig-Special. These classic machines often cry out for more power, and the neon-colored Mercedes-Benz limousine, powered by a turbojet and currently available for sale on Bring a Trailer, takes this desire to the extreme.""""

Beneath its elongated W126 S-Class exterior, this car is a tube-chassis dragster housing a 1953 Westinghouse J34 turbojet engine with a diesel fuel afterburner protruding from the rear. The engine, sourced from a Douglas A-4 Skyhawk fighter jet, was installed on the dragster during the 1990s. It finds its place snugly beneath a barely contained aluminum rear wing. The list boasts additional features such as a fire suppression system, two parachutes, and four-wheel disc brakes. Plus, it comes with a 44-foot tri-axle trailer equipped with air conditioning, overhead lighting, a built-in storage compartment, and even a roof escape hatch. This machine means serious business.""""

Beneath its eccentric exterior, the dragster reveals a more conventional configuration with a roll cage, bucket seat, and five-point harnesses to ensure driver safety. The dash is disassembled, showing only the essential gauges for exhaust gas temperature, oil pressure and engine RPM. Unfortunately, there is no transmission or differential, making it impractical for traveling to the prom in this limo.""""

While it may not have the luxurious comfort of a 1000 SEL, it has a clear purpose: speed. With this dragster, there’s no need to worry about a CRT TV coming off mid-launch.""""

Radiation-era vibes emanate from the shiny, polished multi-piece wheels, which perfectly complement the bright magenta, orange, yellow and white lightning-themed airbrushed paint job that transports us back to the decade. from 1990. Intake ducts on both sides, feeding the powerful jet engine at the rear, add an authentic period touch.""""

The seller emphasizes that this is not a masterpiece; They have invested considerable effort since acquiring the car in 2004 to prepare it for action. They have replaced several components including strut bar ends, wheel bearings, afterburner solenoids, brake pads, brake master cylinders, stainless steel brake lines, engine temperature probes. exhaust gases and the corresponding wiring harness. They have also performed maintenance tasks such as cleaning the engine igniters, fuel rail, fuel nozzles, and rebuilding the starter motor. The car shows signs of use with scratches and paint chips, prompting the owner to include additional dragster-style bodywork. However, these imperfections only add to its undeniable charm.""""

If I had to pick a featured vehicle for Radwood, this would definitely be my top pick over any auction favorite that has never been used and is overpriced. Just look at it. I can almost hear the “Duck Tales” theme playing in the background, as I’m sure Scrooge McDuck would have wanted to arrive like this for prom, if that had been an option. This limo is a long tube filled with concentrated ’90s nostalgia, making it impossible not to fall in love.""""

As of now, bidding has reached $3,000 with seven days left, and transporting it out of Hawaii could present an additional challenge. However, all we can say is: Go ahead. Check out the full listing with more photos here.""""


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