This man is on a quest to relieve the suffering of nearby sea turtles.

Sea turtles are now classified as an endangered species. Existing threats include pollution, climate change and human activities such as bycatch, coastal development and poaching. While the human lifestyle primarily contributes to all of these threats, some of these marine reptiles are also threatened by natural predators such as large sharks, killer whales, and even pelicans. And the danger doesn’t stop there. Barnacle infestation can also put these marine reptiles at risk.

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Although not considered a parasitic organism, barnacles can endanger the lives of sea turtles when they attach to them in excessive quantities. While most barnacles attach to the hard shell of the turtle, some of them can attach to the head, fins, or tail. And when they burrow into the turtle’s skin, they can cause discomfort and inflict open wounds that can lead to infection. Therefore, if you find a sea turtle on the shore with too many barnacles covering its body, you can save its life by eliminating these nuisances. A man in Sri Lanka shared a video of how he removed barnacles from the shell of a sea turtle to show the correct way to do it.

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In his YouTube video, Chika Boy revealed how he removed barnacles from the shell of a sea turtle with the use of a butcher knife. Barnacles can be plucked with other similar tools, but care must be taken to avoid damaging the shell. Barnacles are small, sticky crustaceans that thrive by sticking to hard surfaces like rocks, boats, and sea turtles. These sticky creatures sometimes etch into the shell and burrow beyond the shell and plastron of the shell. Therefore, removing them forcefully may damage the case and cause serious injury.

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In addition to discomfort and possible infection, barnacle overload prevents sea turtles from moving quickly and can hinder their ability to swim. The extra weight on their shell also increases surface resistance, making swimming more strenuous. With the heavy load and limited mobility, sea turtles may not be able to forage for food. In the worst case scenario, barnacles can also stick to the eyes and mouth. When this happens, they will not be able to see or eat properly. And since sea turtles have no specific mechanism for removing barnacles from their bodies, this condition can lead to starvation and even death.

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This man in Sri Lanka saves local sea turtles by removing barnacles from their shells.

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Through his video, Chika Boy wants to encourage everyone to save a heavily infested sea turtle if they see one. He also shared another video where he can be seen rescuing another entangled sea turtle from a fishing net. Just like in his first video, the marine reptile he rescued was also covered in barnacles. So, he took the time to carefully remove all the barnacles from the shell before returning it to the sea.

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