This hero returns live turtles to the ocean after retrieving them from fish markets.

What an amazing guy like a turtle… (sorry)


There are seven different species of sea turtles in the world and because sea turtle fishing is still legal in most areas, almost all of them are threatened with extinction.

Most of us will hear this news and feel sad, but then go about our day, but not Arron Culling.

This Papua New Guinea native has been taking turtles from local fish markets and bringing them back to the ocean.


Live endangered turtles can be found at many fish stalls, waiting to be chosen as someone’s dinner.

“Found this at the local market,” Culling wrote on Facebook on Friday, posting images of him and his colleagues releasing the animals back into the ocean.

“I got them for $50, drove 5km down the road and let them go.”


Arron has already saved ten of these amazing creatures from becoming someone’s food and continues with his plan to keep rescuing them whenever he can.

Not only are there ten more endangered turtles in the world, but there are also thousands of people reading about the hunting practices of these endangered species.

Show how a small act of kindness can make a big difference…

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