The old man who lives alone in the middle of the night heard knocking on the door, saw the tired dog clinging to his feet, “please help me”

Many people shed tears because of the story of the late night last month, the old man who lived alone at 10pm heard knocking on the door. It turned out to be a mother dog about to go into labor, asking for his help


The story is that the old man lived in a rather deserted rural area, his children went to work far away, his wife died early, so he lived alone.

That day it was raining lightly, a bit cold, it was 10 o’clock at night, so it was very quiet, he suddenly heard a noise outside the door , and heard the dog whine as if in pain. He hurriedly opened the door and saw the mother dog clinging to her feet, her eyes earnestly begging.


Realizing the large belly, the dog was panting and had pain, so he guessed the dog was about to give birth. He immediately prepared a cloth and a dry towel to find a place to line the nest for the mother dog and her cubs

At 1am, the mother dog gave birth to 7 healthy puppies in turn . The mother dog looks tired and seems to have been hungry for a long time, or is wandering unattended.

The mother dog is very intelligent, afraid that she will go into labor outdoors with such weather, it will not ensure the safety of the pups. That’s why I went to the old man’s house to ask for help


He thought maybe the dog was lost because it was near the main road, maybe the family had lost the dog but had not found it.

Fortunately, there was food in the house, and he prepared for the mother dog some rice and fish to regain strength after many hours of hard labor.


A few days later, the mother and dog were all taken care of by the old man, the villagers in the village knew what was going on, so they came to see. Everyone immediately took pictures so that the old man could save these precious photos

The old man lives alone, his children are far away, there are a few more mothers and dogs, the house is much happier and warmer . He decided to raise both mother and child , feeling this as fate, helping his old life to be more joyful.


Villagers in the village also help the old man by donating more meat, fish and vegetables . Fortunately, the mother dog and the puppies met a good person, ready to take care of her and give her a home

1 story and 2 times of being warmed up: an old man with a mother and a puppy to keep him company in old age, a mother and a puppy being loved and cared for.


Is this a good thing, good people do good things and meet good things.

Dogs are really the most intelligent and affectionate animals, they can distinguish between good and bad people, and always know how to repay human favors.

Hopefully this heartwarming story will help us believe more in the love between people and animals

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