The Ocean’s Fastest Fish is a sailfish.


Sailfish – The Fastest Fish iп the Oceaп

Sailing fish has two main subspecies, concentrated mainly in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, they live almost exclusively in warm seas and temperate climates.

Sailfish – The Fastest Fish in the Ocean

Common name: Sailfish
Scientific name: Istiophorus
Diet: Carnivores
Average life expectancy in the wild: 4 years
Size: 5.7 to 11 feet
Weight: from 120 to 220 pounds

Sailfish – The Fastest Fish in the Ocean

Unique look
The Sailfish has a metallic blue color and a white belly. In particular, they also have a dorsal fin that is nearly as long as the body and when this special part is raised, it is even thicker and taller than the body of the Sailfish.

As a member of the Longjaw family, the Sailfish is naturally endowed with an upper jaw that protrudes beyond the lower jaw and forms a special spear. Usually found near ocean surfaces far from land, Sailfish feed mainly on smaller fish such as sardines and anchovies. With the advantage of a long dorsal fin like a sail, they can glide through the water extremely quickly and hunt more easily. Sometimes squid and octopus are also the prey of this sea monster.

Sailfish – The Fastest Fish in the Ocean

Fishing contest
The flesh of the sailfish is quite hard and very few people eat it, but they are a prize in fishing competitions. This strong and agile fish can grow to over 10 feet (3m) in length and weigh nearly 220 pounds (100kg). When hooked, the sailfish will immediately counterattack strongly, leaping up and down continuously and sometimes it takes the anglers hours to be able to pull them inland.

Sailfish – The Fastest Fish in the Ocean

The number of Sailfish is quite abundant and stable. Currently, sailfish or their subspecies are not in special status or in need of protection.

Some more information about Sailfish species that you may not know:
• Sailfish is the fastest fish in the ocean with a leap speed of up to 68 mph (109 km/h).
• Sailfish often drive the whole school of fish to swim deeper to be easier to hunt.
• Sailfish usually hunt sardines in groups.
• Sailfish can extend their dorsal fin up to 8 feet (2.4m) wide.
• When excited or stressed, Sailfish skin often reflects sparkling lights.
• Sailfish’s beak is like a very sharp spear.

Sailfish – The Fastest Fish in the Ocean


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