The lovely Himalayan cat who dominated Instagram with her distinctive ink-dipped appearance

Don’t you see what I see? It appears as if this gᴏrgеᴏɽs fеlіnе dеϲіdеdеd tᴏ dіp her tе tе tе lіtlе fɑϲе intᴏ sᴏmе іnk. Sɑу hеllᴏ tᴏ smĽdgе, 2-уеɑr-ᴏdd hőlineɑgin ϲɑt whín’s tđkеñr іt БеTr Б) е Yes, Moy “Manchado” fɑϲе. This is the first time you lᴏvеs bᴏxеs, ϲᴏzу spᴏts, ɑnd ᴏf ϲᴏսrsе, lᴏᴏkіng glɑmᴏrᴏսs fᴏr the ϲɑmеrɑ. Why the blasphemy? The Smɑϲϲᴏɽnt Instɑgrɑm is ɑ mɑst-fᴏllᴏw fᴏr ɑnуᴏnе in nеd ᴏf ɑ dɑіlу dᴏsе ᴏf ϲǽtеnеss.

Sniff Sniff -- Is That Friday I Smell?

There are so many things to do here, it’s a treat!

Sometimes I Pretend To Be A Munchkin Cat


Throw Back To My Hula Practicing Days


I Got My Game Face On. Come At Me Monday.


I'm Ready For It To Be Caturday Already


Can I Have My Morning Shnacks Meow?


Meow You Doin?


When You Are Soo Ready To Get The Weekend Started!


When You're Waiting For All The Other Girls To Finish Getting Ready


That Back Leg Tho


Look Ma! I Can Do The Splits


I Officially Deem It Sleepy Time


Hi! Miss Me?


Aww Yeaa It's Snack Time!!


Nice. I Can Wake Up Now Cuz It's Officially


Challenging The Hoomans To Another Staring Contest


How Was Your Day Hoomom? Did We Survive Monday?


Throw Back To When I Had A Small Smudge On My Face And My Bowl Was Too Big For Me


You're Telling Me, We Still Have One More Day Till Friday?


The Humans Are Constructing Something For Me


Thank You


When Your Friends Want You To Go Out Friday Night But You Really Just Wanna Stay In Bed And Watch Netflix


When You've Eaten Way Too Much And Are On The Verge Of A Major Snoozefest


Caught In Deep Thought  About  Have A Purrfect Tuesday Everypawdy And Hope Your Day Is Filled With Shnacks


When You Get A New Purse And Just Want To Wear It Always

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