The lost dog, despite the danger of finding his owner all the way, the ending made many people feel sorry

The story of a dog that has lost its owner, despite the danger, goes all the way looking for its owner . Eating and staying at a house, but determined to wait for the owner to come back to pick me up, I don’t want to go back to my new family . And the ending is very surprising


It was late, but Mrs. Cam’s family was still awake waiting for “guests”.


After a while, the owner heard a knock on the door, the husband rushed to open the door, the guest was this white dog


This is a wandering dog that often comes to her house to ask for food , because it is so familiar, the dog fits in Mrs. Cam’s arms and blatantly spends her dog’s food.


After eating and drinking, it will lie on the floor and sleep soundly like a family pet dog


It’s defiant, but because the dog is so familiar with the family, everyone loves it


During the day, Ms. Cam and her husband both go to work in the morning, the dog only sleeps at her house at night , and will wander around the neighborhood during the day.


Everyone was curious to see what this sly dog was doing during the day, so they followed him

It turned out that this kid joined the neighborhood’s pet, visiting house after house


The dog is very quick to follow in the footsteps of people’s dogs, immediately wriggles to follow, eats all the other dogs’ food.

Not only that, most of the neighborhood was visited by the dog for a public meal, without begging .


Although a bit unruly, but because it is so cute, the villagers give a lot of food, even willing to adopt the dog.


However, the dog persisted in searching for the owner all over the road , not willing to accept that he had to live in a new family. After more than a month of “eating”, “sleeping” and trying to find his owner but to no avail .


Late at night, the dog appeared at Miss Cam’s door with sad eyes, seemingly exhausted and hopeless


Her family has advised, cuddled and encouraged the dog a lot, it seems that the dog understands and has stayed at her house . From now on, the dog no longer has to roam the streets.

Anyone who witnessed the dog struggling to find the owner was also moved with compassion and felt reassured when the dog accepted a new family. Don’t know where the owner is, are you looking for a dog ?

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