The head of a giant shark was discovered on the coast by an Australian fisherman.

The shark’s head weighs up to 100 kg. Fisherman Jason spotted the shark’s head in the waters off Sydney, Australia, on the morning of March 28 and was very interested to know the fate of the shark’s body. Jason says this is the head of a mako shark. And the head alone weighs 100 kg.

He posted a photo of the shark’s head on Facebook and wrote the caption: “This is all that remains of a mako monster. Unfortunately we didn’t see what ate it, that animal. definitely awesome!! The head weighs about 100 kg.


The mako shark can grow up to 3.8 m long and weigh up to 570 kg and are the fastest sharks, swimming at a speed of 74 km/h.

An animal of this size must have been eaten by a much larger creature, possibly a great white shark with a length of up to 6.1 meters.

Facebook users have their own theories.

“Looks like he was attacked by two sharks,” wrote Aaron Smith.

Meanwhile, Shamus Johnston believes that the “culprit” is a tiger shark: “The big tiger shark must have eaten the mako!”

But Damien thinks differently: “I’m not sure it’s a shark that eats it, maybe an orca.”


A pregnant white shark caught a fisherman off the coast of Taiwan and sold it at a fish market.

An Australian fisherman made an extraordinary discovery off the coast when he stumbled upon the enormous head of a giant shark. The discovery has generated concern among locals and marine experts, who now fear the presence of another large fish in the vicinity.

The fisherman’s astonishing find has left the community both fascinated and worried about what else could be lurking beneath the waves. Such a large shark head suggests the existence of a formidable creature, which could indicate the presence of a giant shark in the area.


As news of the discovery spreads, marine biologists and authorities are closely monitoring the situation to assess any potential risks to beachgoers and the local marine ecosystem. Identifying the species and determining the size of the shark would be crucial to understanding the possible threat it could pose.

While Australia is known for its diverse and unique marine life, encountering a giant shark is a rare and impressive event. The discovery serves as a reminder of the mysteries that still exist in the depths of the ocean and the need to protect and preserve these incredible creatures and their habitats.

As the investigation continues, local authorities are urging caution for those venturing into the region’s waters. Understanding and respecting the delicate balance of marine ecosystems is essential to ensure the safety of both humans and the marine life that coexist in these waters.

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