The family was won over by Kitten from the Yard, who also persuaded them to adopt his best friend.

A kitten who came from a yard, won over a family and convinced them to adopt his best friend, too.

imageMoo Moo and Boo BooAlyssa DeHart

A tiny 4-week-old kitten was found screaming in a resident’s yard, dehydrated and covered in filth. He was brought to Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando for a chance at a better life.

“We aren’t sure how he got there, but he definitely didn’t belong there. The shelter got him all cleaned up, with multiple baths,” Alyssa DeHart, a foster volunteer of Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando, told Love Meow.

The kitten named Moo Moo needed a foster home, so Alyssa and her family stepped up to help. “We walked into the shelter and he rolled over on his back, pawing up at us through the carrier. Talk about love at first sight!”

imageMoo Moo was found in a yard all aloneAlyssa DeHart

Right before they were about to head home with Moo Moo, they saw another singleton around the same age, being brought in to the shelter.

“The shelter was of course booming with kitten season, so we offered to take them both,” Alyssa shared with Love Meow. The second kitten was lovingly named Boo Boo.

imageHe was paired up with another singleton.Alyssa DeHart

Moo Moo was just skin and bones when he arrived, and had limited movement in one of his hind legs. With good food, medication and plenty of TLC, he got stronger and began to use his leg again.

“He quickly developed a big belly that he still holds on to today. He loves his food!”

imageAlyssa DeHart

“Moo Moo started out as the one with all the personality — outgoing, fearless, just a total human lover. Boo Boo, on the other hand, was very shy and hissy.”

The seal-point kitten would follow Moo Moo around and wrap his arms around him when they slept. Moo Moo’s energy and affection began to rub off on his brother.

imageThey quickly became best friends.Alyssa DeHart

“My parents had been open to adopting another kitten to be friends with our one-year-old cat (Clara). With Moo Moo, they knew the second they saw him in the shelter that he was staying here, regardless of the outcome with his leg,” Alyssa told Love Meow.

“Right before we picked him up, he gained his new brother (Boo Boo). We weren’t sure we were ready to expand the family by two (we already had four cats), but it seemed so hard to imagine separating this pair.”

imageBoo Boo is a seal-point kitten. As he grew, the fur around his face, paws and tail turned darker.Alyssa DeHart

As days went by, the bond between the two grew even stronger, and Boo Boo became more confident around people. After Boo Boo was put up for adoption, Moo Moo continued to be his little ride or die, and never left his side.

Three days later, they didn’t receive a single application for Boo Boo. “It truly felt like a sign — it felt like we were supposed to keep Boo Boo right here, with his brother.”

imageThey curled up together in Clara’s bedAlyssa DeHart

The two best friends were officially adopted together. They snuggled with each other in their new feline sister’s (Clara’s) bed, purring up a storm.

“They may not be biological brothers, but they are definitely brothers and best friends for life. Boo Boo was a hissy little boy when he came to us! It took several weeks for him (with lots of encouragement from Moo Moo) to finally accept our love!”

imageAlyssa DeHart

“Today, Boo Boo is the more outgoing of the two! He always wants to be involved in what you’re doing,” Alyssa told Love Meow.

“Moo Moo is the best biscuit maker in town. He literally cries on the bed for you to lay down with his special blanket, so he can make biscuits. He is so vocal about anything and everything.”

imageClara and Moo MooAlyssa DeHart

“With adoption you may not get to know where they came from, or what they’ve been through. But you do get to guarantee that the rest of their days are filled with love, comfort, and a whole lot of snacks!”

imageTogether foreverAlyssa DeHart

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