The cutest thing, a new kitten that was rescued from a car lot, is eager to be with the cat

A cat eagerly wanted to be with a new kitten who had been scooped up from a car lot. They are the cutest thing.

calico kitten friends

Parker the kitten and Phoebe the calicoErica Whitsell

About a month ago, Erica Whitsell, a veterinary technician and a kitten rescue advocate, was notified about an orphan kitten desperately needing help.

The kitten had been found all alone in a car dealership lot without a mother in sight. “The finders did the right thing by waiting and monitoring the situation to see if the mom came back, but she never did,” Erica shared with Love Meow.

After Erica saw the plea for help, she didn’t hesitate to take on the kitten. “She was transported to me and I got to work.”

orphan kitten sleeping

Parker was found alone in a car lotErica Whitsell

The kitten named Parker was around 5-6 days old and incredibly underweight, less than the size of a typical newborn. “You could tell she hadn’t eaten well for a couple of days because she was just skin and bones.”

There were uncertainties for the first 24 hours as Parker was very tiny and frail. Erica provided a warm and comfortable nest and immediately started bottle-feeding her every couple of hours.

sweet tiny kitten

Erica Whitsell

When Parker got the hang of latching onto a bottle, things began to look up. She was so hungry suckling down the formula as if she was trying to make up for lost time.

“I was cautiously optimistic that she just needed to catch up on eating.”

kitten snuggly blankets

Parker opened her eyes to see the worldErica Whitsell

Phoebe, Erica’s resident calico cat, was immediately intrigued when she heard the sound of a new kitten in the house.

While they weren’t ready to have a proper meet-and-greet, Phoebe patiently waited outside the pen and kept an eye on the new kid on the block.

kitten meets cat

Erica Whitsell

“Once Parker started crawling and becoming more animated, Phoebe would sit outside of her pen and watch her for hours,” Erica shared.

Phoebe was obsessed with her tiny friend and couldn’t wait for Parker to be strong enough to come out and play.

calico kitten friends

Erica Whitsell

After two weeks in foster care, Parker made steady gains and became even more active with with her newfound strength. She was getting bold and ready to roughhouse with a buddy.

Phoebe was over the moon when she got to hang out with Parker face-to-face for the first time.

calico split face kitten

Erica Whitsell

“From the very first time they met up close, Phoebe was gentle and caring toward Parker,” Erica told Love Meow.

“Phoebe is helping Parker learn how to be a kitten. When kittens are hand-raised without siblings they have a lot of learning to do, how to play appropriately and read other cats’ body language.”

cat kitten friends

Phoebe encourages Parker to play and teaches her felines skillsErica Whitsell

Parker has figured out the litter box by following in Phoebe’s paw-steps.

The sweet calico is enamored of the gray kitten and often encourages her to play and venture out of her nest to explore.

calico cat split face kitten

Erica Whitsell

Parker has hit many milestones with great care from her foster mom and lots of support from Phoebe.

When the two tire out from all the playing, Phoebe likes to wrap her arms around Parker as they fall fast asleep next to each other.

cat hugs kitten

Erica Whitsell

Phoebe is teaching the youngling boundaries now that she’s getting very feisty. She is incredibly patient with Parker as she shows her how to interact with other cats.

kitten wrestles calico cat

Phoebe is incredibly patient with ParkerErica Whitsell

Parker has come a long way since she was rescued as a lone kitten. She has blossomed into a happy, playful kitty with a rotund belly. She is growing by leaps and bounds with Phoebe by her side.

happy sleepy kitten friends

Erica Whitsell

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