The Captivating Stare of a Special Rescued Cat Will Steal Your Heart

Mesmerizing Gaze of a Unique Rescue Feline Will Capture Your Heart - yeudon

Cats possess remarkable eyes, especially when they have two different colors. Although this is common in light-colored felines, breeds such as the Sphynx, Turkish Vans, and Turkish Angoras can also display odd-colored eyes. Thor, a beautiful rescue cat, is living his best life with his loving family who saved him. He boasts a stunning black and white tuxedo coat, a perfectly fluffy tail, and a pair of captivating mismatched eyes. After connecting with his owner in the Tuxedo Cat Lovers group on Facebook, we are thrilled to introduce you to Thor!

Mesmerizing Gaze of a Unique Rescue Feline Will Capture Your Heart - yeudon

What’s the story behind Thor joining your family?
Well, we actually rescued Thor from Petsmart and decided to adopt him as a part of our family.
And how did he end up being named Thor?
We already had a cat named Loki and when Thor came into our lives, we thought it would be fitting to name him after Loki’s brother. Plus, Thor has a unique feature of having two different colored eyes!

Mesmerizing Gaze of a Unique Rescue Feline Will Capture Your Heart - yeudon

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