The book “The Tale of the Color-Changing Cat: How an Emerald Feline Wandered Through a Bulgarian Town and Found its True Hue” tells the story of the cat.

The kitty chameleon has undergone a transformation, reverting back to its original appearance with the exception of some vibrant green accents near its ears, eyes, and chest.


The article initially appeared on Hello Giggles and discusses the superstition of black cats bringing bad luck. However, in Bulgaria, a green cat has been spotted, which may have surprised some people and made them pause for a moment.

The Mystery Of Bulgaria's Green Cat – Meowingtons

Take a look at Bulgaria’s stunning emerald alien cat, a striking stray kitten whose enchanting, jewel-toned fur has been attracting visitors to the charming seaside town of Varna since 2014. Back then, locals spotted the fashion-savvy feline strutting her stuff on the streets with another adorable cat friend who, although less colorful, was equally charming. At first, Varna residents were concerned that the kitty had been dyed green as part of a cruel joke. However, they later discovered that the perfectly pigmented furball had turned green by repeatedly settling down for a snooze in an old paint barrel.

The cat enthusiasts observed that the kitty was in good health and her fur had a consistent color. They assumed that the cat might have used some kind of non-toxic dye found in food or fabric, which made her coat look different. Once it was established that the cat wasn’t in any danger, the locals and tourists rejoiced by giving treats to the unique-looking cat in exchange for a glimpse of her fascinating fur. The kitty chameleon has now returned to her natural coat color with a few green highlights around her eyes, ears, and chest, thanks to animal advocates and a new cozy sleeping spot. Although her new appearance is not as attention-grabbing, we still think she’s the coolest cat around. — Written by Kitty Lindsay for Hello Giggles

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