The attraction of the Australian starfish, Choriaster Granulatus.

The Choriaster Granulatus, a species of sea star, is currently facing a threat to its habitat due to coral bleaching. Unfortunately, despite this serious problem, inappropriate jokes about the creature have been circulating on the internet.


This particular starfish, known scientifically as Choriaster Granulatus, has earned a nickname due to its resemblance to certain anatomical features. Some netizens have referred to him as “C**ktopus” and have even labeled him a “porn star” due to the similarity of his five arms to certain masculine attributes.

Choriaster Granulatus typically grows to a diameter of about 27 cm and is found in limited regions around the world, including East Africa, the Great Barrier Reef, the Red Sea, and Vanuatu.


However, habitat destruction caused by ocean acidification and coral bleaching poses a significant threat to this species.

Despite the seriousness of the situation, some netizens continue to make jokes about the creature’s appearance. These comments include comparisons to the male anatomy and references to inappropriate objects.


Various nicknames have sprung up, including “Cktopus,” “Starck,” and “Urethrafish.” Also, some people have made comparisons between the starfish and Patrick from SpongeBob.

It is important to note that the Choriaster Granulatus feeds primarily on algae, detritus, and dead organisms. It faces predation from the Triton’s trumpet sea snail and also consumes various small invertebrates and coral polyps. The starfish can be identified by its five distinct large, short, and thick conical arms. It is usually pale pink in color with clusters of small brown papillae located in the central part of its body.


While Choriaster Granulatus has not been observed in the UK, it is crucial to discourage the use of derogatory nicknames such as “C**ktopus”, as seen in Reddit discussions, and to encourage respectful and responsible discussions of this species.

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