Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s love story boosts Kansas’ economy

Every time Taylor Swift appears in Kansas City with her boyfriend Travis Kelce, many stores attract customers, increasing profits.

According to Billboard on December 17, since making their relationship public, the couple has helped the economy in Kansas (USA) – where Travis Kelce lives and plays football – develop. Many businesses that sell related items or places they have visited have seen increased sales, website visits, and social media. Tim Cowden – chairman of the city’s economic development council – said: “We cannot estimate specific numbers. Taylor has brought a great opportunity to this place”.

Bradley – owner of a souvenir company Made In KC – says the most popular product during the holiday season is “anything Taylor and Travis related”. Katie Essing – a professor at the University of Missouri – assessed that the star couple’s love had a positive impact, helping many brands have the opportunity to promote without risk.


Taylor Swift with Travis Kelce on October 22. Photo: Instagram Chariah Gordon

Every time a singer watches her boyfriend’s match, it’s an opportunity to help brands grow. After Taylor Swift wore a Kansas City Chiefs sweatshirt – the team Travis Kelce plays on, many people hunted to buy the product. The Westside Storey store in the city received more than 100 online orders in a few days. “This is crazy, creating an unprecedented amount of orders,” said the store owner. At Travis’ match in September, Taylor ate fried chicken with ranch sauce and attracted attention. After that, KFC called the singer the “Ranch Sauce Queen”, and the food company Heinz also produced a new flavor of this sauce.

It's a love story: Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce spotted in the Bahamas.  What we know

Or at Piropos – the restaurant where Taylor and Travis once dined – immediately received attention on social networks after the appearance of the star couple. People proactively contacted and made reservations even though the restaurant had not previously placed advertising signs around the area. At souvenir store chains, people flock to the city to buy clothes, jewelry, candles, and hats speed up.

Ngôn ngữ cơ thể nói gì về mối quan hệ của Taylor Swift và Travis Kelce

Besides, the resounding success of the Eras Tour in Kansas also impacted the economy. According to the city’s development council, Taylor’s shows generate about $185 to $200 million, with each fan spending an average of $1,400 on meals, promotional items and other merchandise. The music nights generated $88.8 million in revenue. In July, two stores here produced 20,000 cookies over the weekend to meet the needs of more than 70,000 fans watching the show at Arrowhead Stadium. The store owner must hire more people to support cake production as well as packaging.

Quinton Lucas – mayor of Kansas – said: “Every city wants Taylor Swift to appear. This is great for our economy and culture. It’s good to see the couple happy and enjoying life “.

Taylor Swift có hành động ngầm xác nhận hẹn hò với bạn trai cầu thủ

The player was the one who proactively connected with Taylor Swift at the end of July. Despite being busy with their own schedules, Taylor and Kelce still tried to do many things together and spend romantic time together. They freely express their feelings in public and give compliments to their lovers. The two also supported each other’s careers, Taylor also spent time meeting and interacting with her boyfriend’s family, and her father cheered on Travis’ matches.

Taylor Swift, 34 years old, is an American singer-songwriter, who rose to fame with country music in 2006. After 10 albums, she received 12 Grammy awards and 29 Billboard awards. She currently has a net worth of about $1.1 billion after the huge success of the Eras Tour . Before dating Travis Kelce, she had many relationships , the latest being actor Joe Alwyn for six years.

Travis Kelce is the same age as Taylor and is a professional football player. He is a two-time Super Bowl winner, named “First-Team All-Pro” in 2016, 2018 and 2020. He participated in the NFL Pro Bowl eight times. nation). Kelce and model Kayla Nicole were in a relationship for 5 years and broke up in May 2022.


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