Rolls-Royce Unveils the Inspiration Behind Its Enigmatic Naming Tradition for Ghost Models

As any Rolls-Royce connoisseur will tell you, the Silver Ghost quickly became a legend in the automotive world. Not only was it luxurious and powerful (for the time), but it was also more durable and reliable than almost anything on four wheels.

It’s no surprise that the Ghost name still forms part of Rolls-Royce’s modern lineup. Introduced in 2009, the first-generation Ghost – under the Goodwood era – reintroduced the iconic badge and, to this day, still evokes a sense of mystery, glamor, and ethereal elegance. It’s fitting that a modern Rolls-Royce moves like a ghost, with a whisper-quiet engine, cloud-like ride quality, and an undeniable presence.

As the automaker heads into the electric era, we expect these qualities to be further accentuated. Our first experience in the new all-electric Spectre gave us a brief taste of the future.

“Rolls-Royce motor cars named after spirits or ethereal entities evoke a sense of mystique,” said Martin Fritsches, President & CEO of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, North America. “This tradition has deep historical roots, carrying on a tradition of more than a century.

“As the most respected name in luxury, Rolls-Royce has always stood outside and above the automotive arena, and distinctive names like Ghost and Spectre differentiate our brand from all others. Rolls-Royce commissions are instantly recognizable not just by their design but also by their names,” he added.

Looking back through history, we can see this tradition has been retained throughout the decades. Infamous names include the Silver Shadow, Silver Seraph, and Silver Cloud, to name but a few.

Rolls-Royce isn’t the only brand to use otherworldly names (Dodge Demon, Lamborghini Diablo, etc.), but it does manage to put a classy spin on the theme, and we can’t wait to see how the brand evolves this philosophy for future models.

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