Ringbrothers Unveils Stunning 1965 Ford Mustang Convertible Restomod

Dubbed ‘Uncaged,’ every last detail has been reimagined and remade to the highest standards.

Ringbrothers promised to make a splash at this year’s SEMA Show, and it has been keeping that promise with two builds revealed this morning; now, the third has been unveiled: “Uncaged.” It’s based on a Ford Mustang convertible from 1965, but besides the center caps on the wheels, everything on the car is from this century.

We’ll get to the finer details in a moment, but even from afar, it’s clear that this is no ordinary ‘Stang. The body – sitting atop a Fast Track chassis from Roadster Shop – has been widened an inch on both sides, giving the pony car a slightly imposing stance that only the hardcore purist will identify as unoriginal.

In a nutshell, this is not a modified Mustang but a Mustang-based restomod. It’s an all-new car that takes classic styling to new heights using modern production techniques, careful forethought, and thousands of hours of patience, and we love builds like these.

From the profile, we see that the rocker panels have been extended and lowered – not that you’d be able to tell based on the fenders, which still look OEM. At the front, the bumper has been tucked and melded to the custom front valance, which also features a redesigned and recessed (by two inches) front grille. The rear gets similar treatment and a set of very quirky louvered tailpipes, and all the brightwork has been replaced by custom badges and accents, many of which have been redesigned to suit the more imposing proportions of this widebody ‘vert.

Topping off the exterior mods is a “Burgundy Brave” paint job and a Cerakote Titanium C-105P coating for the aforementioned metalwork.

Under the skin, a Ford Performance-sourced Coyote 5.0-liter V8 provides the classic convertible with 460 horsepower, all of which is channeled to the rear through the Blue Oval’s 10R80 10-speed automatic.

Helping rein in that naturally aspirated grunt is a set of Penske Racing RS Edition performance coilovers with independent rear suspension, Baer Brakes, and Continental rubber. The tires are mated to 18-inch EVOD Industries wheels that are inspired by the Mustang’s classic Rally wheels.

Inside, a custom interior imagined by Sean Smith Designs and carried out by Upholstery Unlimited boasts plenty of leather, Dakota Digital gauges, and a bespoke steering wheel inspired by the original. A digital rearview mirror is also present, giving a hint of the modernized infotainment setup.

If all this seems somewhat familiar, it should. Besides some new badges and different upholstery for the cabin, this is nearly a carbon copy of Caged, the Mustang that Ringbrothers presented at last year’s show.

The 2023 SEMA Show runs from today until October 3 at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Nevada.

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