Residents feed the cat, and when she decides to give birth outside of their home, it ultimately saves her life

A family gave a cat some food. She decided to have kittens outside their house. It ended up saving her life.

stray cat mom kittens

Miracle the catCatsnip Etc

A few residents noticed a stray cat wandering outside their home. They started feeding her and made a bed out of blankets for her.

The cat was pregnant and very hungry. She came back for food and began to warm up to the kindness of the people. About two weeks ago, she returned to the porch and decided to have kittens where the bed was.

The first two kittens were born without a hitch, but things took a turn for the worst very quickly afterwards.

cat mom cuddling kittens

Catsnip Etc

The family noticed that something was wrong and tried to get them inside to help the mom. The cat was in so much distress that she was spooked and ran away, leaving her kittens. She didn’t come back until a while later.

Liz, who volunteers for Catsnip Etc, was contacted about the situation, and she rushed to their rescue. By the time she arrived, the cat mom had returned to her two babies but still couldn’t deliver the rest of her litter.

sweet cat miracle

Catsnip Etc

“They were able to get her inside a carrier. Liz picked up the family and went straight to the vet,” Missy McNeal of Catsnip Etc shared with Love Meow.

With the timely efforts from everyone, the vet was able to help the cat without surgery. The first two kittens ended up being the only survivors of the litter. Their mom was battling a fever from an infection starting in the womb. “She was exhausted, weak and dehydrated, but the vet was optimistic that she would pull through.”

newborn kittens

Catsnip Etc

Liz lovingly named her Miracle because she wouldn’t have survived the ordeal without intervention. “This girl just can’t fight anymore and needs us to fight for her. We don’t know how she ended up abandoned on the streets, but she is safe with us now.”

Miracle was given treatment, fluids and good food. By the next day, she perked up and was feeling much better. Despite it all, she never stopped caring for her kittens. “We promised her the easy life from now on. She is getting pampered forever.”

happy cat kneading paws

Miracle is content now that she is well and has a comfortable place to raise her kittensCatsnip Etc

Miracle and her kittens arrived in a foster home, where she had a quiet, comfortable room, an abundance of food and assistance from her foster family. Even with all the amenities, she chose her carrier as her safe place to take care of her babies.

She purred up a storm and stretched her happy paws while her littles nursed away on her belly. “We are so happy that she is much perkier and loving attention from her foster family.”

tiny kittens cute

The kittens have turned two weeks oldCatsnip Etc

Miracle is a wonderful mother who caters to her kittens’ every whim. She makes sure that their tummies are full and that they are clean from head to toe.

“She loves her babies so much, and took care of them even when she felt miserable. She wants lots of attention from her foster family and doesn’t mind sharing her babies for cuddles either,” Missy told Love Meow.

kitten cute

They are getting a lot of cuddles from their foster familyCatsnip Etc

At two weeks old, the kittens’ eyes are open, and they are getting more active and adventurous around the nest. They are curious about the world around them and starting to move their legs, trying to learn to walk.

The kittens have each grown a cute, rotund belly as they never miss a full meal. “They are doing so well. They are lucky they have the world’s best mom.”

stray cat mom kittens

The kittens are learning to use their legsCatsnip Etc

Miracle showed up on the family’s porch for food, and it ended up saving her life. She will never have to worry about finding another meal or a safe place to stay.

Once her kittens are weaned, she will start looking for a loving home where she will be adored for life.

cat mom cuddling kittens

Catsnip Etc

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