Rescue kitten with adorable “Yoda ears” is overjoyed to feel love.

One day, a cute stray cat was brought to a veterinary clinic and immediately stole everyone’s hearts.

Rescue kitten with funny 'Yoda ears' is delighted to experience love -

A stray kitten with a neck wound and infection was taken to a local rescue shelter for care.

The most captivating feature of the kitten that caught everyone’s attention was her adorable Yoda-like ears, which simply melted the hearts of everyone who laid eyes on her.

Rescue kitten with funny 'Yoda ears' is delighted to experience love -

She received treatment at Cabarrus Animal Hospital, where Dr. Alisha Kidwell, DVM, took care of her. Jana Aviles, a veterinary assistant, described her as a sweet and affectionate girl.

Despite weighing only 6.5 pounds, the tiny cutie compensates for her size with an abundance of personality.

Rescue kitten with funny 'Yoda ears' is delighted to experience love -

Due to being missing her front teeth, she often sticks out her tongue, adding to her already adorable charm.

“They are uncertain about her exact age. She is young, possibly around a year old. She is remarkably small for an adult cat,” shared Shelby Beers with Love Meow.

“She is recovering nicely and finding comfort in the loving care provided by the staff here.”

Additionally, she adores snuggles and is always delighted to receive cuddles from her human friends. She thoroughly enjoys spending time with them and cherishes their company.

“We carry her around in our hoodies like a baby kangaroo, and she effortlessly drifts off to sleep,” Shelby remarked.

The endearing kitten has not been given a name yet, but the veterinary staff has rightfully been referring to her as the ‘Yoda cat.’

Shelby shared with Love Meow, “Although she is initially quiet and shy, she melts in your hands as soon as you start petting her. She is simply a petite little cuddle-bug, a lap cat.”

Jana wrote, “It is staggering to know that there are approximately 70 million stray cats in the US alone. Every year, four million cats end up in animal control facilities.”

Yoda cat has been successfully rescued and is no longer a stray, ensuring that she can now receive the love, comfort, and shelter she has always deserved.

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