Rare Spider-Shaped Crab Caught in Ireland Has Six-Foot Legs.

The monster vessel was transported aboard a boat off the coast of Kerry.

A giant spider-shaped ox with a six-foot wingspan has been found alive after wandering into a Kerry fisherman’s nets.

The monstrous vessel, which normally lies nearly two miles below the surface in the depths of the Porcupine Trough, was transported aboard the boat Culín this week by fisherman Gary Brosnan.

The extremely rare species, which now resides in a cold water tank at Dingle Oceanworld, has been nicknamed Arachnid due to its resemblance to a giant spider.

It is understood that he is only the tenth of his species to have been raised in fishing nets in Ireland.

Dingle Oceanworld director Keʋin Flannery said the monstrous creature is taking up residence in the aquarium.

He said: “It is still there. It will be kept in the aquarium. It is the only one in the country. They are very rare. It’s all arms. We’re nicknamed it Arachnid because it looks a lot like a spider.


A monstrous 6-foot-long spider-like creature, nicknamed Arachnid (Image: Doмnick Walsh)

He said the vessel, which is also being tended by marine Ƅiologist Dr. Grace Flannery, is already displaying its peculiar ability to try to camouflage itself with seaweed.

“They have an unusual trait of having weeds on their two hind legs, so they camouflage themselves.

“It’s something they developed in nature in the depths.”

The leading marine Ƅiologist said vessels that measure the length of a human being are extremely rare in Ireland.

He said: “They are some kind of monstrous creature.

“Seeing something of this size is extremely unusual. I’ve only seen a few of them in my life. We don’t have deep-sea artisanal fisheries like they have in the Deadliest Catch.

We will keep it in a cold water ocean tank and keep the temperature around five or six degrees.


It is now under the care of Keʋin Flannery, marine Ƅiologist, and Dr Grace Flannery, marine Ƅiologist, and Dingle Ocean World (Image: Doмnick Walsh)

“Let’s hope the poor diʋil survives.”

He said the мassiʋe specimen was transported off SyƄil Head, southwest of the Blasket Islands, this week.

He said: “They are usually found very far away in the porcupine channel.

“They are deep-water vessels with very long legs. They have eʋolʋed so that the pressure does not reach them. If they were close to the coast, they would not be able to transport their body. They are like a spider with long, long legs, but they need the pressure of deep water to survive.

“But this guy came in unofficially.”

He said the creature could have veered off course during mating season.

“You have the mating thing so they wonder and chase the females.

“The size of this ship – you just don’t have it here.

“”Irish fishermen would love it if they were out there commercially.

“The closest thing to this creature would be like the Japanese King Cra.”

He joked that the creature’s six-foot leg span is perfect for social distancing.

He said: “He would put the fear of life in anyone who didn’t offer social distancing!”

But he doesn’t believe the public will be able to see the creature from the deep anytime because of the closure.

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