Ranking of the 10 scariest animals in the ocean

However, the vampire squids – which look like a horror umbrella, and the gill shark – a true living fossil – will live long in your mind after you see the images below.

10. Goblin shark

Xếp hạng 10 sinh vật biển hãi hùng nhất - 1

They live off the coast of Mississippi, the coast of Australia, and can live at depths of up to 1,300m.

Goblin sharks are a predator, but we don’t know much about them because they are so rare. However, they have a distinctive style with their jaws sticking out because they hunt extremely fast-moving fish and crustaceans in the water column.

This strange monster is famous for its long snout and terrifying teeth. Their skin is translucent, so the pink you see is because you are looking inside them.

9. Dumbo Octopus

Ở đây có một “chiếc” bạch tuộc cute nhất thế giới gọi là Adorabilis! - Tạp  chí Doanh nghiệp Việt Nam

Octopus Dumbo

These silly animals with small ears can live at depths of 3000 – 4000m. They are found in many parts of the world, including waters near Australia, California, Oregon and many others.

They are predators, eating invertebrates such as krill and jellyfish.

Although they look cute, imagine when the Dumbo octopus wraps its tentacles around its prey and forms a ball that will then eat the prey.

8. Giant isometric animals

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They are found off the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico, at depths of about 359 – 1050m.

They can grow anywhere with a height of 4cm – 35cm. This creature is a scavenger, it eats squid and fish carcasses.

The strangest thing about this creature is that they can go without food for up to 5 years “the incubating females don’t eat anything, probably to avoid predators. Their defense style is to simply hide in the mud.

7. Devil fish (angler fish)

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Devil fish

They live mainly in the Atlantic Ocean off the coasts of Europe and North Africa, at depths of 1,000 to 3,000 meters.

They were obviously carnivores that looked like giant demons. They use strange biological headlights mounted in front to attract prey. The lamp at their head is a specialized tissue, containing fluorescent bacteria that this fish uses to attract prey towards its mouth.

6. Viperfish

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Viper fish live in tropical and temperate seas around the world, they can live at depths of about 2,800m.

The viper fish is a very difficult predator to detect. They have long fangs that act as a trap, when a wandering fish enters the trap, the game is over.

This omnivore is said to be able to swallow a fish as long as 63% of its own length,

5. Ghost shark

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Ghost sharks are rare, but this monster has been spotted off the coasts of California and Hawaii. They live at depths of 500 to 3,000 meters.

They mainly eat fish, worms, crabs and mollusks. They have a rabbit-like jaw that helps to crush seashells on the sea floor.

The ghost shark is considered a living fossil, as this dead-eyed creature has changed very little over millions of years.

4. Gulper eel

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Gulper eels can live at depths from 1,000 to 2,100 meters and are found throughout the oceans of temperate and tropical regions.

This beast is a predator, eating mainly fish and crustaceans. The Gulper eel is also known as the pelican eel, because its extremely large jaws look more like that of a bird.

In gulper eels, such as the Saccopharynx, their powerful jaws and wide mouths allow them to swallow extremely large prey. And in species that do not have strong jaws, such as the Eurypharynx, it is thought that their wide mouth cavity when opened like a giant parachute makes it impossible for prey within reach to escape. .

3. Vampire Squid

Video: Mực 'ma cà rồng' sống dưới đáy biển sâu

Vampire Squid

These tiny sea vampires lurk both in temperate and tropical regions, living at depths between 600 and 1,200 meters.

Vampire squid are omnivores, they eat a lot of dead creatures – hence the name. In fact, they feed on the tiny molecules of dead animals floating in the ocean (called sea snow) by flushing two filaments covered with mucus into the water to trap the food.

When threatened, they will roll back their tentacles to reveal long spines, but that’s just a trick, as the spines are actually very soft and fleshy. They also use bioluminescence to confuse predators with their large glowing eyes or release glowing mucus into the water.

2. Gluttony fish (Black swallower)

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This terrible creature is found in tropical and temperate seas in the Atlantic and Indian Oceans, they can live at depths of 3,000m.

Because they live in places where food is scarce, they often eat creatures larger than themselves. Sometimes, they eat things so big that they burst their stomachs and die in a bad way. Normally, they can swallow things bigger than themselves because their flexible stomach can expand and accommodate anything that can get through their mouth.

Below is a picture of their death due to their last meal.

Xếp hạng 10 sinh vật biển hãi hùng nhất - 7

1. Fried shark

Xếp hạng 10 sinh vật biển hãi hùng nhất - 8

Footage of these gill sharks is rare, but they have also been found off the coast of Australia.

They are considered living fossils because very little has changed over the past thousands of years, they are essentially a tooth-vacuum – 300 teeth to be exact. When trying to catch a smooth and fast-moving squid, it will use these zipper-like teeth and block everything, making it impossible for the prey to escape.


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