Pregnant cats find a warm and safe home on time, avoiding the risk of giving birth outdoors

A cat was given a comfortable home just in time so her kittens wouldn’t have to be born outside.

Last month, Karly and Katelyn Saltarski, co-founders of Salty Animal Rescue, were contacted by a cat who needed daycare for her soon-to-be-born kittens. ""

“Hamilton Animal Services found her as a stray. He wasn’t in the best shape with an abscess under his chin and some deep scratches. They gave her some antibiotics and she looked so much better,” Karly shared.

They welcomed her with open arms and the mommy cat-to-be, named Wren, immediately felt at home. She was very comfortable around people and would lie on her side to let them rub her full baby tummy.


After having to fend for herself on the streets, Wren was finally able to relax in a comfortable nest made especially for her and catch up on some sleep. “She was quite chubby and I thought that we could expect her little babies at any time.”

Just as predicted, Mama Wren went into labor shortly after settling into her new abode. She brought five little ones into this world and was relieved to be helped through the arduous process.


As the newborns—Duck, Swift, Fisher, Sparrow, and Koel—fed in unison on her belly, Wren blinked slowly up at her foster mother and stretched her toes on the blanket with contentment.

“We are very happy that she never has to go through another birth again. If they didn’t find her and take her in, it’s likely that not all of her babies would have survived.”


“They brought her just in time, so we were able to provide her with a warm and safe place to give birth.”

Koel is the smallest of the litter, but has the most cats. Barely days old, it hissed with all its ferocity as it huddled with its siblings in a heap, as if it were the protector of the litter.


“Newborn kittens can’t see or hear, so when they smell something unknown, this is their reaction,” Karly shared.

Wren is a wonderful mom to her demanding five-year-old, but she’d rather be the center of attention if she didn’t have mommy duties.

"" “Her wounds are healed and, apart from some scars, she is as good as new. All five kittens now have their eyes open and are doing their best to crawl.” ""

At two weeks old, the kittens were on the move, trying to venture out of the nest by waddling on their little feet.

“They’re finally getting to the age where they start playing with each other.”

"" Mama Wren is all too happy to have time to herself with her people while her kittens frolic with each other, honing their feline skills.

“Wren is the sweetest girl and the best mother in the world. We can’t wait until her babies are ready to leave the nest and she can finally find the forever home she deserves.”

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